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Gordon Cormier Profile

Gordon Cormier, a young actor from Canada, appeared as Joe in The Stand (2020). Additionally, he took on the role of Aang in the Netflix adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Gordon Cormier Age

As of 2023, Cormier is 14 years old, he was born on October 8, 2009, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday in October every year.

Gordon Cormier Height

Cormier stands at a height of 4 feet 1 inch tall.

Gordon Cormier Parents

Cormier’s parents are Gordon Cormier Sr. and Genalyn Cormier. His mother, Genalyn, is of Filipino descent, while his father is Canadian with European ancestry. They’ve been very supportive of Gordon’s acting career.

Gordon Cormier Siblings

Cormier has one older brother named Kyle. They grew up together in Vancouver, Canada.

Gordon Cormier Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cormier is a Canadian actor who portrays Aang, the main character, in the Netflix live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series is based on the popular Nickelodeon animated show of the same name. Cormier was born on October 8, 2009, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has been interested in acting from a young age and started performing in acting, singing, and dancing classes at the age of six.

Gordon Cormier
Gordon Cormier

Cormier has had roles in other shows and movies such as The Stand (2020) where he played Joe. He landed the lead role as Aang after auditioning for the part. The live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender has been highly anticipated by fans of the original series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast

  • Gordon Cormier as Aang, the young Avatar and the last Air Nomad.
  • Kiawentiio Tarbell as Katara, a determined Water Tribe girl who becomes Aang’s waterbending teacher.
  • Ian Ousley as Sokka, Katara’s sarcastic but strategic older brother.
  • Dallas Liu as Zuko, a conflicted Fire Nation prince who becomes Aang’s rival.
  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Iroh, Zuko’s wise and caring uncle.
  • Ken Leung as Commander Zhao, a ruthless Fire Nation military leader.
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Lord Fire Ozai, the ruthless Fire Lord and Zuko’s father.

Gordon Cormier The Stand

Cormier is a Canadian actor who played Joe in the 2020 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, The Stand. This was a recurring role, but it brought Cormier to the attention of a wider audience. The Stand tells the story of a battle between good and evil after a superflu kills most of the world’s population.

Gordon Cormier Career

He began attending acting classes at the age of 6 and later auditioned for commercials when he was 9. His television debut came with the series “Get Shorty” in 2019. He gained significant recognition for his performance as Joe in “The Stand” (2020).

His career reached a milestone when he secured the lead role of Aang in the live-action adaptation of the popular animated series, marking him as a rising star. He has also made appearances in various TV shows such as “Lost in Space” and “Team Zenko Go”. Additionally, he has lent his voice to characters in shows like “Ready Jet Go!”.

Gordon Cormier The Stand

Cormier played a character named Joe in the 2020 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand,” not a character named Gordon. Joe appears in the story as a young boy taken in by Nadine Cross, a character affiliated with the antagonist Randall Flagg. It wasn’t one of the main roles, but it did garner Cormier some attention.

Gordon Cormier Lost in Space

Cormier did have a role in the Netflix series Lost in Space (2018-2021), but his character was not credited with a specific name. IMDB lists his role simply as “Young Boy”. There is not much other information available online about the exact character or the extent of his appearance in the series.

Gordon Cormier Movies and TV Shows

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024): Cormier stars as Aang in the live-action adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon animated series. The series is yet to be released.
  • The Stand (2020-2021): Cormier played Joe, a young boy who becomes the ward of Nadine Cross, in this miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.
  • Lost in Space (2018): Cormier had a small role as a young boy in this Netflix science fiction series.
  • Team Zenko Go (2022): Cormier voiced the character of Luis in this Canadian animated children’s television series.
  • Get Shorty (2017): Cormier’s acting debut was in a small role as a Guatemalan Urchin in this Epix crime drama series.

Cormier has also appeared in several other television movies and shows, including Gabby Duran & The Unsittables, Turner & Hooch, Two Sentence Horror Stories, Christmas Under the Stars, and A Christmas Miracle.

Gordon Cormier Net Worth

Cormier, the actor who plays Aang in the Netflix live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, is still young in his career. While his exact net worth is difficult to confirm, some sources estimate it to be around $1.5 million.

Gordon Cormier Social Media Platforms

Cormier is active on his social media pages. He has 654k Followers on Instagram, 164.5k Followers on Twitter, and 9.2k Followers on Facebook.

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