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Kim Ji-won Profile

Kim Ji-won, a renowned South Korean actress, rose to prominence with notable performances in various television series. Her breakout roles in “The Heirs” (2013) and “Descendants of the Sun” (2016) garnered significant attention. She later secured leading roles in popular dramas like “Fight for My Way” (2017), “Arthdal Chronicles” (2019), “Lovestruck in the City” (2020–2021), and “My Liberation Notes” (2022).

Kim Ji-won Age

As of 2023, Kim Ji-won is 31 years old, she was born on October 19, 1992, in Gung-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on October 19 every year.

Kim Ji-won Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Kim Ji-won Education

Kim Ji-won graduated from Paekahm High School in Seoul, South Korea. She began her studies in the theater department at Dongguk University in Seoul. However, there’s no information on whether she completed her degree at Dongguk.

Kim Ji-won Parents

Ji-won chooses to keep her parent’s life private. However, she has mentioned in interviews that her parents are very supportive of her career and have been since she was young.

Kim Ji-won Siblings

Ji-won has an older sister who is two years older than her. There is no publicly available information about her sister’s name or occupation. Some sources mistakenly state that Kim Ji-won is related to South Korean film director Kim Jee-woon. However, this is not true. Kim Jee-woon has a sister named Kim Ji-sook and a brother named Kim Ji-won, but they are unrelated to the actress Kim Ji-won.

Kim Ji-won
Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji-won Boyfriend

As of February 2024, there is no public confirmation of Kim Ji-won having a boyfriend. She has never publicly confirmed being in a relationship, and there are no credible news reports or statements from her representatives suggesting otherwise. While there may be speculation and fan theories online, it’s important to be cautious and avoid spreading unsubstantiated information.

Kim Ji-won Relationships

Ji-won is a private person who has not publicly confirmed romantic relationships. However, she has been linked to her co-stars in the past, but these have all been speculation and never confirmed. Most recently, she has been paired with actor Kim Soo-hyun in the upcoming drama “Queen of Tears.”

They play a married couple who are facing challenges in their relationship. In the past, she was also linked to actors Park Seo-joon, with whom she co-starred in the drama “Fight for My Way,” and Ji Chang-wook, with whom she co-starred in the drama “Lovestruck in the City.” These are just rumors, and Ji-won has never confirmed any of them.

Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon

Ji-won and Park Seo-Joon are two popular South Korean actors who have co-starred in a few successful dramas together.

  • Fight for My Way (2017): This drama tells the story of two childhood friends, Ko Dong-man (played by Park Seo-Joon) and Choi Ae-ra (played by Ji-won), who support each other as they pursue their dreams of becoming professional mixed martial arts fighter and a news anchor, respectively.
  • As One (2012): This historical film is based on the true story of the South and North Korean women’s national volleyball teams who came together to compete in the 1990 Asian Games. Ji-won played the role of a North Korean volleyball player, while Park Seo-joon had a brief cameo appearance as a South Korean basketball player.

Although they have never publicly confirmed any romantic involvement, there have been rumors that they might be dating due to their strong on-screen chemistry and close friendship. However, both actors have denied these rumors.

Kim Ji-won Net Worth

Ji-won has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Kim Ji-won Descendants of The Sun

Ji-won played a significant role in the popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun. She portrayed the character of First Lieutenant Yoon Myeong-joo, a skilled and dedicated army surgeon. Furthermore, audiences and critics alike well-received her performance, and she even won several awards for her work in the drama.

Including the Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards and the Best Supporting Actress award at the APAN Star Awards. Descendants of the Sun was a major hit in South Korea and across Asia, and it helped to further solidify Kim Ji-won’s status as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry.

Kim Ji-won Mr Sunshine

Ji-won did not play a main character in the Korean drama “Mr. Sunshine.” However, she did make a brief cameo appearance in the first episode alongside her “Descendants of the Sun” co-star, Jin Goo. Their characters were Joseon nobles who were forced to flee their homeland during a period of political unrest. The cameo was a fun way for fans of “Descendants of the Sun” to see the two actors reunite on screen, but it did not play a significant role in the overall story of “Mr. Sunshine.”

Kim Ji-won The Heirs

Ji-won played a significant role in the popular Korean drama “The Heirs,” which aired in 2013. Starring Lee Min-ho as Kim Tan, Park Shin-Hye as Cha Eun-sang, Park Hyung-Sik as Jo Myung-soo, and Kim Woo-bin as Choi Young-do. She portrayed the character of Rachel Yoo, a chic and haughty heiress who is initially cold and distant but eventually undergoes character development and displays warmth.

Additionally, her performance in the drama was well-received and helped her gain wider recognition. “The Heirs” was a huge success, garnering high viewership ratings and becoming a cultural phenomenon across Asia. It is considered a classic K-drama and continues to be popular among fans.

Kim Ji-won Queen of Tears

Ji-won is starring in the upcoming South Korean television series “Queen of Tears,” which is set to premiere on March 9, 2024. Moreover, in the series, Kim Ji-won plays Hong Hae-in, the director of Queens Department Store who is a third-generation chaebol (a wealthy family that owns a large number of businesses) and daughter of the Queens Group family. She is married to Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), who is the legal director of Queens Group.

The couple undergoes a marital crisis, and the series chronicles their journey as they strive to salvage their relationship. Park Ji-Eun, acclaimed for her work on popular dramas like “Crash Landing on You” and “My Love from the Star,” pens the series.

Additionally, Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won co-direct it. With its collaboration among renowned actors, writers, and directors, “Queen of Tears” is anticipated to become a hit drama. The series has garnered praise for its high production value.

Kim Ji-won and Son Suk-Ku

Son Suk Ku and Kim Ji Won are South Korean actors who captured hearts with their on-screen chemistry in the 2022 drama “My Liberation Notes.” Though they are not romantically involved in real life, their portrayal of a couple resonates deeply with viewers.

The drama follows the lives of the Yeom siblings, all yearning for liberation from various aspects of their lives. Kim Ji Won plays Yeom Mi Jung, the middle sibling who feels stuck in a dead-end job and longs for love. Additionally, Son Suk Ku portrays Mr. Gu, a mysterious newcomer to the neighborhood who becomes a source of comfort and support for Mi Jung.

Their relationship develops slowly and organically, with both characters facing their struggles. Mr. Gu’s past is shrouded in secrecy, while Mi Jung grapples with her insecurities and self-doubt.

Despite the challenges, their shared desire for connection and understanding deepens their bond. Son Suk Ku and Kim Ji Won’s subtle and nuanced performances effectively captured the complexities of their characters’ emotions, making their love story both heartwarming and relatable.

TV Shows with Kim Ji-won

  • Queen of Tears (2024)
  • The Heirs (2013)
  • Descendants of the Sun (2016)
  • Fight for My Way (2017)
  • Arthdal Chronicles (2019)
  • Lovestruck in the City (2020-2021)
  • My Liberation Notes (2022)
  • High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011) as Kim Ji-won (cameo)
  • Romance Heaven (2011) as Mimi
  • To the Beautiful You (2012) as Seol Han-na

Kim Ji-won Movies

  • Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018): Ji-won plays Yeo-Joo, a courtesan who assists the detective in his investigation.
  • Horror Stories II (2013): This horror anthology film consists of four short films. Kim Ji-won stars in the segment titled “Escape,” which tells the story of a group of students who become trapped in a haunted school.
  • Romantic Heaven (2011): This romantic comedy film follows a group of friends who are all looking for love. Kim Ji-won plays a small role as Mimi.

Kim Ji-won Social Media Platforms

Ji-won is active on her social media pages. She has 13.5 Million Followers on Instagram User name (geewonii), and 2.4 Million Followers on Facebook (김지원).

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