Park Seonghwa Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Singer, ATEEZ 2018, Corset Girlfriend, Imitation 2021, TV Shows, and Net Worth.

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Park Seonghwa Profile

Park Seonghwa is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actor under KQ Entertainment. Seonghwa’s journey began on October 24, 2018, when he officially debuted as a vocalist and visual in the renowned boy group, ATEEZ.

Park Seonghwa Age

As of 2024, Seonghwa is 26 years old. He was born on 3 April 1998 in Sacheon-si South Korea. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on 3 April every year.

Park Seonghwa Height

He stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Park Seonghwa Education

Seonghwa is known to have attended Global Cyber University, an online institution based in South Korea. While his specific field of study remains undisclosed, his enrollment in an online university suggests that he likely managed his studies alongside his training and career as an idol.

Additionally, he attended the Paekche Institute of the Arts, a performing arts school in South Korea. This choice underscores Seonghwa’s commitment to developing his talents and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Park Seonghwa Family

Details regarding Seonghwa’s family remain undisclosed. However, it is known that he has at least a grandmother. Tragically, she passed away in October 2023.

Park Seonghwa
Park Seonghwa

Park Seonghwa Girlfriend

Seonghwa has not publicly addressed his relationship status. While there have been discussions about his dedication to his career with ATEEZ, he has not disclosed any information about being in a relationship. It’s typical for K-pop idols to maintain privacy regarding their personal lives, including dating. Currently, no credible reports suggest that he has a girlfriend.

Park Seonghwa Career

Seonghwa’s journey began with an audition for KQ Entertainment, where he initially showcased his rap skills. However, his overall potential caught the eye of the talent scouts, leading him to become a trainee with the agency.

After a period of training, Seonghwa joined a pre-debut group known as KQ Fellaz, alongside other future ATEEZ members. The web series “KQ Fellaz American Training” featured this group, which documented their rigorous training regimen in Los Angeles.

In 2018, Seonghwa officially debuted as part of the K-pop sensation ATEEZ. The group has since garnered significant recognition and respect within the industry, releasing numerous hit albums and songs, and embarking on successful tours.

Seonghwa’s rise to fame with ATEEZ has opened doors to various opportunities, including solo endorsement deals and product promotions. Notably, he is said to have a clothing brand called “Sanity Clothing.” Renowned for his dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals, Seonghwa has emerged as one of the most beloved members of ATEEZ.

Park Seonghwa Net Worth

Seonghwa’s estimated net worth is approximately USD 400,000. This estimation takes into account his earnings from ATEEZ’s music sales, album promotions, and successful tours. Additionally, potential individual endorsement deals and collaborations with brands contribute to his overall income.

Park Seonghwa pink hair photocard

Throughout his career with ATEEZ, Seonghwa has sported pink hair on several occasions. This unique style choice varied depending on the era or project he was involved in.

Ateez Park Seonghwa Wonderland Lyrics

“Wonderland” is a track featured on ATEEZ’s mini-album “Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action,” which was released in October 2019. Seonghwa’s performance in this song and its accompanying music video is particularly notable. In the video, he displays his captivating stage presence and delivers powerful vocals, showcasing undeniable charisma throughout.

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San and Park Seonghwa

San and Seonghwa, affectionately dubbed “Sanhwa” by fans, are integral members of the K-pop sensation ATEEZ. Renowned for their close bond and lively interactions, they epitomize camaraderie within the group. Though not biologically related, San and Seonghwa share a deep and supportive connection.

Frequently spotted together, they engage in playful antics and offer mutual support. San’s commanding vocals and precise dance skills complement Seonghwa’s charismatic stage presence and velvety vocals, creating a harmonious balance within the group’s performances.

Hongjoong x Park Seonghwa

Hongjoong and Seonghwa, affectionately known as “HongHwa” by fans, hold pivotal roles within ATEEZ as the leader and lead vocalist, respectively. Their relationship is revered by fans for its supportive and harmonious dynamic.

As the leader, Hongjoong relies on Seonghwa’s experience and maturity, while Seonghwa reciprocates by respecting Hongjoong’s leadership and offering unwavering support whenever necessary. Their partnership is characterized by a profound understanding and mutual respect for roles within the group.

Given Hongjoong’s role as the primary songwriter for ATEEZ, it’s likely that he collaborates with Seonghwa, seeking his input and feedback during the creative process, further illustrating the depth of their connection and teamwork.

Park Seonghwa Corset

Seonghwa has garnered attention from fans for incorporating corsets into his stage outfits on several occasions. Notably, during the MBC Gayo Daejejeon in 2023, he showcased a captivating ensemble featuring a dramatic black-and-white theme complemented by a lace-trimmed corset. Paired with a half-skirt and styled with long wavy hair, the look exuded a striking and mesmerizing aura.

Additionally, during their appearance on the reality show “Kingdom: Legendary War,” ATEEZ delivered a powerful and intense rendition of “Wonderland,” with Seonghwa sporting a dark and edgy ensemble to match the performance’s theme.

Park Seonghwa Imitation

Seonghwa from ATEEZ did appear in the 2021 K-Drama “Imitation,” which is based on a webcomic of the same name. Character: Nam Se-young Boy Group: Sparkling (alongside fellow ATEEZ members San and Lee Su-Woong) While “Imitation” doesn’t heavily focus on individual characters outside the main leads, Seonghwa did get to showcase his singing and dancing talents as part of Sparkling. The drama itself explores the competitive and sometimes dark side of the K-Pop industry.

“Imitation” also featured other K-Pop idols including Yunho, Jongho, and San from ATEEZ, as well as members of SF9 and T-ARA. Several ATEEZ songs were featured on the soundtrack, including “Dreamer” and “Illusion.”The drama received nominations for acting awards for Yunho, San, Seonghwa, and Jongho at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2022.

Park Seonghwa Social Media Platforms

 Seonghwa is active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 17k followers on Twitter and 29.7K followers on Instagram.

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