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Rosalia Tobella Profile

Rosalia Tobella (Rosalía) is a Spanish singer, songwriter, producer, and actress. Born and raised in the outskirts of Barcelona, she has been described as an “atypical pop star” due to her genre-bending musical styles. 

Rosalia Tobella Age

She is 31 years of age as of 2023. Rosalía was born on 25 September 1992 in Sant Cugat dal Valles, Spain. She celebrates her birthday on 25 September every year.

Rosalia Tobella Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Rosalia Tobella Education

She dedicated herself to studying musicology, delving into its theories and historical contexts. This educational journey equipped her with a profound comprehension of musical principles and customs, which she adeptly incorporates into her musical creations.

While attending a music school in Barcelona, she honed her practical music skills, concentrating on performance methods and various instruments. Guided by the esteemed flamenco mentor José Miguel Vizcaya, she underwent specialized instruction in flamenco, mastering its complex rhythms and distinctive vocal techniques.

Rosalia Tobella Family

María Pilar Tobella Aguilera, known as Pilar[mother], serves as both a businesswoman and her current manager. From the early stages of Rosalía’s career, Pilar has played a pivotal role, offering invaluable support and strategic guidance.

Rosalia Tobella
Rosalia Tobella

José Manuel Vila, Rosalía’s father, hails from Asturias, Spain, and has a background in business. Despite his divorce from Pilar in 2019, he has always nurtured Rosalía’s passion for music, encouraging her artistic pursuits.

Pilar “Pili” Vila Tobella, Rosalía’s older sister, fulfills the roles of stylist and creative director. Pili’s influence extends beyond familial ties as she actively contributes to shaping Rosalía’s visual identity, encompassing everything from her iconic stage attire to the aesthetics of her music videos.

Together, Rosalía’s family members have transcended their conventional roles, actively engaging as collaborators in her artistic journey.

Rosalia Tobella Husband

Rosalía is currently not married. She was previously engaged to fellow singer Rauw Alejandro, with their engagement being announced in March 2022. However, their relationship came to an end in mid-July 2023. As of now, there is no public information regarding Rosalía being married or engaged to anyone else. Given her preference for privacy in her personal life, if she is in a relationship currently, it is likely not publicly known.

Rosalia Tobella Children

As of now, She does not have any children. While she hasn’t provided a specific timeframe for starting a family, she has expressed a desire to have children in the future. During an interview with HOLA magazine in November 2022, Rosalía shared her excitement about the prospect of having many children, stating, “I would love to.” However, she also noted that starting a family is something she envisions for the future.

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia Tobella

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro were romantically involved for a significant period, but their relationship has since ended. Their relationship reportedly began in late 2020 and was publicly confirmed in September 2021.

During their time together, they collaborated on several songs, including “Dile a Él” and “Besos Moja2.” In March 2022, they announced their engagement, but unfortunately, they parted ways in July 2023. Despite their breakup, both artists continue to enjoy success in their respective music careers.

Rosalia Tobella Career

Renowned for her innovative music and artistic creativity, has forged an impressive career marked by constant evolution. She pursued studies in musicology at Catalonia College of Music and received specialized training in flamenco under the guidance of acclaimed instructor José Miguel Vizcaya.

Her journey to recognition began with performances in diverse venues, ranging from intimate jazz bars to wedding ceremonies. In 2013, she introduced her debut EP “Catalinettas,” which showcased her early influences of flamenco and folk.

Collaborating with producer Raül Refree on the album “Los Ángeles” (2017), she skillfully merged traditional flamenco with electronic and pop elements. Rosalía further captivated audiences with her critically acclaimed album “El Mal Querer” (2018), where she explored themes of love, desire, and empowerment through flamenco-fusion compositions.

Her rise to global prominence came with hit singles like “Malamente” and “Juro Que,” earning her multiple awards, including two Latin Grammys and a Grammy Award. Collaborations with esteemed artists such as J Balvin, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd expanded her musical horizons and audience reach.

In 2022, Rosalía unveiled her third studio album, “Motomami,” which showcased her versatility by incorporating reggaeton, electronic beats, and bolero influences. This album marked another milestone in her artistic journey, demonstrating her ongoing evolution.

The following year, she embarked on the ambitious “Motomami World Tour,” a visually stunning spectacle that reinforced her status as a global music icon. With each performance and music video, Rosalía continues to push boundaries, seamlessly blending genres and cultures while captivating audiences worldwide with her bold visuals, choreography, and theatrical flair.

Rosalia Tobella Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $ 4 million to $7 million from her career as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

Rosalia Tobella Bizcochito Lyrics

Bizcochito is a track from her latest album, “Motomami,” released in March 2022. It’s a fast-paced, reggaeton-influenced song with a playful and provocative tone. The lyrics are in Spanish and explore themes of sensuality, self-confidence, and female empowerment.

Click here for the lyrics.

Rosalia Tobella Beso Lyrics

Beso is a collaboration between her and Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, released in March 2023. It’s a sensual and passionate reggaeton-pop song that explores themes of desire, love, and addiction.

Click here for the lyrics.

Rosalia Tobella Despechá Lyrics

The song illustrates a woman reclaiming her strength and autonomy following a breakup. Its lyrics depict her embracing freedom and reveling in the present rather than fixating on the past. Through confident references, the song celebrates her femininity and beauty, asserting her self-assurance.

Click here for the lyrics.

Rosalia Tobella Tattoo

  1. The flamenco dancer silhouette: This is a popular choice for fans of Rosalía’s flamenco roots and her album “El Mal Querer”. The silhouette can be done in a simple black outline or with more intricate details.
  2. The crowned heart: This image appears on the cover of “El Mal Querer” and symbolizes love, pain, and female empowerment. It can be tattooed in a traditional style or with a more modern twist.
  3. The motorcycle helmet: This is a recurring image in Rosalía’s “Motomami” era and symbolizes freedom, rebellion, and individuality. It can be tattooed in a realistic style or with a more stylized design.
  4. The lyrics “Soy una motomami” (“I’m a Motomami”): This phrase embodies Rosalía’s confident and independent persona and can be tattooed in Spanish or translated into another language.

Rosalia Tobella Motomami

Her latest studio album, “Motomami,” debuted in March 2022, representing a notable evolution in both her musical style and visual presentation. This release reaffirmed her position as a boundary-pushing innovator in music.

The album’s title embodies dual energies: “Motomami” symbolizes the divine, experimental, and dynamic aspects, while “Mami” reflects the authentic, intimate, and vulnerable facets of her persona.

Coke Rosalía Flavor

The collaborative Coca-Cola flavor with Rosalía is named Move. It was introduced as a limited-edition beverage in early 2023 as part of the Coca-Cola Creations series. Move offers a dynamic taste experience, starting with sweetened coconut notes and transitioning smoothly into cotton candy with a hint of marshmallows.

Some consumers noted a springtime feel to the flavor, possibly influenced by the butterfly imagery from her album, Motomami, which was released around the same time. Move is no longer available for purchase in stores or online. If you’re interested in exploring other unique or limited-edition Coca-Cola flavors, you can explore the current offerings within the Coca-Cola Creations series.

Rosalia Tobella La Fama Lyrics

Click here for the lyrics.

Rosalia Tobella Songs

  1. Malamente: From her critically acclaimed “El Mal Querer” album, this flamenco and electronic fusion song propelled her to international fame.
  2. Juro Que: Another standout from “El Mal Querer,” showcasing her powerful vocals and passionate delivery.
  3. Con Altura (feat. J Balvin & El Guincho): This reggaeton-infused hit became a summer anthem, showcasing her genre-bending talent.
  4. Despechá: Her latest chart-topping single, celebrates female empowerment and moving on from a heartbreak with a catchy reggaeton rhythm.
  5. LA FAMA (with The Weeknd): A dramatic and atmospheric collaboration blending pop and electronica, highlighting her versatility.

Rosalia Tobella Movies

  1. Pain and Glory (2019): In Pedro Almodóvar’s semi-autobiographical film, Rosalía plays Sol Santacruz, a young flamenco singer who inspires the aging protagonist Salvador Mallo (played by Antonio Banderas) with her raw talent and passion. This marked her feature film debut.
  2. Sing 2 (2021): Rosalía lent her voice to the character of Camila, a rebellious, punk-rock porcupine, in the animated sequel to the hit film “Sing.” This marked her first foray into voice acting for animation.
  3. Dolor y Gloria: BSO (2019): This short film serves as a visual companion to the soundtrack of “Pain and Glory,” featuring Rosalía performing songs from the film alongside other artists like Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz.
  4. Chicken Teriyaki (2022): This music video directed by Tanu Muino for Rosalía’s song of the same name from her album “Motomami” incorporates surreal and comedic elements, blurring the lines between music video and short film.

Rosalia Tobella Social Media Platforms

She is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 4.8M followers on Twitter, 28.1M on Instagram, and 3.5M on Facebook.


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