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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Profile

Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson is an English actor. He is best known for his portrayal of the title character in Kick-Ass and its 2013 sequel, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe character Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Age

He is 34 years of age as of 2024. Johnson was born on 13 June 1990 in High Wycombe United Kingdom. He celebrates his birthday on 13 June every year.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Height

He stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Education

Aaron attended Holmer Green Senior School until the age of 15 but did not pursue further academic studies afterward. From 1996 to 2008, he attended the Jackie Palmer Stage School in High Wycombe, where he received training in various disciplines such as drama, tap, jazz, acrobatics, and singing.

This intensive training at the Stage School laid the foundation for his successful acting career. Aaron’s early passion for acting and dedication to his craft were crucial factors in his development as an actor, showcasing that traditional academic qualifications were not essential for his success.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Family

Aaron’s parents are Robert Johnson, a civil engineer, and Sarah Johnson, a housewife. Robert is characterized as a supportive and down-to-earth father who actively encouraged Aaron’s acting pursuits from a young age. He not only accompanied Aaron to auditions but also assisted him in navigating the early stages of his career.

Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron Taylor Johnson

While not much is publicly known about Sarah, she is believed to be a loving and caring mother who has played a significant role in Aaron’s life. Aaron has acknowledged her influence in shaping his values and morals. Both Robert and Sarah are British and reside in Buckinghamshire, England.

Aaron also has a sister named Gemma, who is an actress as well. The family upbringing is described as loving and supportive, instilling in Aaron strong values of hard work and dedication.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wife

Aaron is married to Sam Taylor-Johnson, a renowned filmmaker and director. Sam initially pursued a career as a visual artist and sculptor before transitioning to filmmaking. She gained recognition for directing “A Million Little Pieces” (2018), an adaptation of James Frey’s memoir.

Before her marriage to Aaron, Sam was previously married to artist Jasper Jopling from 1997 to 2008, and they share two daughters: Angelica Jopling (born 1997) and Jessie Phoenix Jopling (born 2005). Sam and Aaron met on the set of “Nowhere Boy” in 2009, sparking initial controversy due to their 24-year age difference.

They tied the knot in 2012 and have since welcomed two daughters together: Wylda Rae (born 2010) and Romy Hero (born 2012). The couple, Aaron and Sam, is known for prioritizing a private family life and remains dedicated to raising their blended family of four daughters.

Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson

This captivating duo in the entertainment industry began their relationship on the set of “Nowhere Boy” in 2009, with Sam directing and Aaron in a starring role. Despite a substantial 23-year age difference, their undeniable connection led to an engagement within a year and marriage in 2012.

Collaborating on various projects such as “Nowhere Boy,” “Savages,” and the upcoming film “Gypsy Rose,” their distinctive blend of professional and personal partnership enables them to mutually support and inspire each other’s creative pursuits.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kids/Children

Aaron has a total of four daughters, comprising two biological and two stepdaughters from his wife Sam’s previous marriage. Wylda Rae, born in 2010, is the eldest of Aaron and Sam’s biological daughters, while Romy Hero, born in 2012, is the youngest among their biological children.

Angelica Jopling, born in 1997, is the eldest stepdaughter from Sam’s previous marriage, and Jessie Phoenix Jopling, born in 2005, is the youngest among Sam’s daughters from her previous union.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Career

Aaron has built a diverse and impressive career that spans nearly three decades, starting from a young age. His journey commenced at the age of six when he began acting in plays and commercials. The Jackie Palmer Stage School played a crucial role in shaping his foundation, where he honed his skills in drama, dance, and acrobatics.

His early career included roles in TV shows like “The Bill” and “Family Business,” providing him with valuable experience. Making the transition to film, he showcased his versatility in productions such as “Shanghai Knights” and “The Illusionist.” One of his notable portrayals was as John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy,” directed by his future wife Sam Taylor-Johnson, earning him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination.

Establishing himself as an action hero, he took on the title role in “Kick-Ass” and its sequel, demonstrating both his range and physical prowess. Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Pietro Maximoff in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he expanded his fanbase. Further showcasing his acting chops, he took on roles in “Savages” and “Anna Karenina,” proving his ability to handle complex characters.

His performance in “Nocturnal Animals” earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor, solidifying his talent and gaining industry recognition. Diversifying his projects, he starred in the war thriller “The Wall” and the biographical drama “Outlaw King,” displaying his willingness to experiment.

Recently, he undertook the iconic role of Kraven the Hunter in an upcoming Marvel film, showcasing his ongoing connection to superhero genres. With future projects like “The Fall Guy” and a remake of “Nosferatu,” his career progression remains exciting.

Collaborating with renowned directors such as Oliver Stone and Ben Wheatley, he has diversified his portfolio. Praised for his physicality, emotional depth, and ability to transform into various characters, Aaron changed his first name to Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson in 2008 but is commonly referred to as Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In 2016, he co-founded his own production company, Tacts Productions, with his wife Sam. While acting remains his primary focus, he has expressed an interest in directing and screenwriting in the future.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

Johnson’s net worth varies slightly depending on the source but generally falls within the range of $16 million to $20 million from his career as an Actor, Brand Endorsements, and Production Company.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Divorce

As of now, credible sources do not confirm any divorce between Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson. Recent reports indicate a contrary situation, suggesting that they are happily married and dedicated to their family.

Speculations about a potential divorce seem to arise primarily from online gossip and social media speculation, often fueled by their age difference and occasional appearances without each other. Both Aaron and Sam have openly expressed their love and commitment to each other in interviews and on social media.

The couple places a high priority on their family life and appears dedicated to the upbringing of their four daughters.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bullet Train

In the film, Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed Tangerine, forming a comically chaotic assassin duo with Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon. Their amusingly quarrelsome exchanges and surprising abilities became a standout element of the movie.

Taylor-Johnson skillfully embodied Tangerine, a lethal assassin known for intricate schemes and philosophical musings. His lively and comedic portrayal of the character earned praise for adding depth and charm.

This role in Bullet Train highlighted Taylor-Johnson’s versatility and comedic timing, demonstrating his ability to excel not only in action and humor but also complementing his proficiency in dramatic performances.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Joey King

While Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Joey King haven’t shared the screen in any film, their names have been connected recently due to baseless rumors about a possible romantic involvement. Both actors have refuted these rumors, and there is no substantiating evidence to support such claims.

Renowned for his versatility, Taylor-Johnson has successfully taken on superhero roles, as seen in “Kick-Ass” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Additionally, he has delved into action thrillers with projects like “Bullet Train” and showcased his dramatic prowess in films like “Nocturnal Animals.”

His performances are characterized by intensity and physical prowess, often portraying complex characters with hidden depths.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kraven

Taylor-Johnson’s upcoming depiction of Kraven the Hunter is eagerly anticipated as one of the most significant superhero film debuts in 2024. Kraven the Hunter, alias Sergei Kravinoff, stands out as a multifaceted and captivating antagonist within the Spider-Man universe.

As a globally recognized big-game hunter, Kraven is motivated by a distorted sense of honor and the exhilaration derived from the ultimate chase. In his eyes, Spider-Man represents the apex predator, the ultimate prey that will validate his hunting skills.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Esquire

Johnson’s recent feature and interview in Esquire Magazine offered a captivating glimpse into the actor’s life and professional journey. Despite achieving significant success, Taylor-Johnson openly acknowledges his unease with the perpetual spotlight and the associated expectations of fame.

He places a high premium on privacy and treasures his family life, prioritizing moments with his wife Sam and their daughters over the continuous presence on red carpets and promotional obligations. Emphasizing his aspiration to consistently challenge boundaries and venture into diverse genres, Taylor-Johnson steadfastly rejects being pigeonholed or restricted in his artistic pursuits.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Kickass

Johnson’s breakthrough role as Dave Lizewski, the ordinary teenager turned masked vigilante, stands out as a defining moment in his career. Taylor-Johnson skillfully brought Dave’s character to life, capturing his awkwardness, insecurity, and, most importantly, his resolute determination to make a positive impact.

What set Dave apart was his atypical superhero persona – devoid of superpowers, high-tech gadgets, or a chiseled physique. He portrayed an everyday guy donning a green wetsuit, fueled by comic book fantasies and a sincere desire to do good.

The film achieved a harmonious balance between thrilling action sequences and clever humor. Taylor-Johnson’s comedic timing was particularly evident in memorable scenes such as the Hit-Girl training montage and the hilariously disastrous initial encounter with Frank D’Amico.

His performance seamlessly conveyed Dave’s clumsiness while highlighting his evolving confidence and newfound courage. “Kick-Ass” attained cult status, lauded for its innovative approach to the superhero genre and its daring characters.

Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of Dave Lizewski not only solidified his status as an emerging star but also showcased his versatility and magnetic charisma.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Cheating

I cannot verify or partake in discussions regarding unconfirmed rumors suggesting that Aaron Taylor-Johnson cheated on his wife. These speculations lack validation from reliable sources, and sharing them may result in adverse consequences for the individuals implicated.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Grooming

Taylor-Johnson frequently presents a relaxed yet refined style. We might explore how elements of his fashion, such as his distinctive swept-back hairstyle or preference for classic suits, contribute to his overall self-assured and seemingly effortless look.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Avengers

Johnson’s depiction of Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver, in Avengers was characterized by an electrifying energy that brought the vibrant personality and super speed of the character to life. Beyond the speedster persona, Johnson portrayed Pietro with a playful yet fiercely protective nature towards his sister Wanda, revealing a complex layer to the character.

His scenes added bursts of comedy to the action, exemplified by moments such as the humorous sequence where he saves Hawkeye’s family. Additionally, the poignant sacrifice scene further solidified the impact of his portrayal on the film.

Aaron Taylor Johnson James Bond

Speculation surrounding Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a potential heir to the iconic James Bond role has been circulating. Many bookmakers and media sources view Johnson as a leading candidate, attributing this to his varied film roles, experience as an action hero in films like “Kick-Ass” and “Bullet Train,” and his suave British charm.

At 33, his age falls within the conventional Bond casting range, and his physicality and dedication to stunt work contribute to his credibility as an action star.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson workout

Johnson is recognized for his remarkable physique and athleticism, frequently taking on roles that require physical prowess. His workout routines concentrate on developing overall strength, agility, and endurance, aiming for practical skills and real-world fitness rather than focusing solely on specific muscle groups.

To avoid monotony, he diversifies his routines by incorporating elements of weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, cardio, and even martial arts, ensuring that his workouts remain both challenging and engaging. Embracing interval training, sprints, and explosive movements, his approach efficiently promotes fat-burning and enhances muscle activation.

Aaron Taylor Johnson A Million Little Pieces

The subject of “A Million Little Pieces” and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s role in it is multifaceted, involving several layers to explore. Launched in 2018, “A Million Little Pieces” is a psychological drama adapted from James Frey’s contentious memoir of the identical title.

The movie garnered diverse reviews, earning praise for its unfiltered depiction of addiction and facing criticism for straying from the original memoir from others. Controversy surrounded the film due to Frey’s acknowledgment of fabricating aspects of his memoir, prompting concerns about the authenticity of the cinematic adaptation.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Movies and TV Shows


  1. The Illusionist (2006) – Period drama
  2. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) – Teen Comedy
  3. Nowhere Boy (2009) – Biographical drama
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – Superhero action (as Quicksilver)
  5. Kraven the Hunter (August 30, 2024) – Superhero action (as Kraven)
  6. Nosferatu (TBA) – Fantasy horror
  7. The Fall Guy (TBA) – Action comedy

TV Shows

  1. The Bill (1984-2010) – Police procedural (recurring role)
  2. Family Business (2003) – Drama series
  3. Nearly Famous (2007) – Musical drama miniseries
  4. Calls (2021) – Audio drama (voice role)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Social Media Platforms

Johnson is very active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 10.4K followers on Twitter, 950K followers on Instagram, and 7.9K followers on Facebook.

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