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Chen Zheyuan Profile

Chen Zheyuan is a Chinese actor, model, and singer. He is best known for his roles in the wuxia drama Handsome Siblings, coming of age Our Secret. He received huge success globally after the airing of the drama Mr. Bad (2022) and solidified his global popularity with the massive success of Hidden Love (2023) which became one of the most-viewed dramas of the year.

Chen Zheyuan Age

He is 27 years of age as of 2023. Zheyuan was born on 29 October 1999 in Shenzhen China. He celebrates his birthday on 29 October every year.

Chen Zheyuan Height

He stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Chen Zheyuan Education

After completing his studies at Shenzhen University, he showcased his talents in the 2015 “King of Pop” talent show. Following that, he made his debut as a member of the boy group Mr. Bio. Over the years, he has showcased his acting skills in numerous television dramas and films such as “All About Secrets,” “She is Beautiful,” and “The Legend of Zu 2.”

Presently, he is pursuing further education in Service Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Art (3D Website) from the Communication University of China.

Chen Zheyuan Family

Zheyuan has often expressed his close bond with his mother, describing himself affectionately as a “mama’s boy.” Born and raised in Shenzhen, China details about Zheyuan’s family are not readily accessible in public sources. Like many public figures, he may choose to keep his personal life, including information about his family, private.

Chen Zheyuan
Chen Zheyuan

Chen Zheyuan Wife

Zheyuan, the Chinese actor, is currently unmarried. Despite collaborating with actress Zhao Lusi in multiple projects such as the popular dramas “Mr. Bad” and “Hidden Love,” their relationship remains strictly professional. Although there are rumors and speculation about their personal lives, neither actor has confirmed any romantic involvement.

Chen Zheyuan Relationships

Information about Zheyuan’s romantic relationships is not extensively documented in public sources. As with many celebrities, details about their personal lives, including romantic partnerships, may not be widely disclosed or may be kept private.

Chen Zheyuan Career

Zheyuan, a prominent Chinese actor, model, and singer, has experienced a remarkable ascent in his career in recent years. He graduated from the Department of Performance at Shenzhen University and made his debut with the boy group Mr. Bio in 2015.

His acting journey commenced in 2016, initially with minor roles in various television dramas and films. However, it was his portrayal of Zhou Siyue in the 2020 wuxia drama “Handsome Siblings” that garnered him widespread recognition.

This was further bolstered by his performance in the 2021 coming-of-age drama “Our Secret.” In 2022, he achieved significant international acclaim for his leading role in the romantic fantasy series “Mr. Bad.” His breakthrough continued with his role as Duan Jiaxu in the immensely popular 2023 drama “Hidden Love,” which garnered immense viewership worldwide.

In 2024, he took on the male lead role of Yun Tuanhe in the series “Sword and Fairy 4” and is currently filming for the drama “Sha Po Lang.” Apart from his acting endeavors, Zheyuan is actively engaged in brand endorsements, and promotional activities, and participates in various charitable initiatives and social campaigns.

With his growing popularity and exceptional acting prowess, Zheyuan is hailed as a promising rising star in the Chinese entertainment industry, poised to tackle more challenging roles and solidify his position as a leading actor.

Chen Zheyuan Band

Zheyuan’s early career included being a member of the boy band Mr. Bio, which debuted in 2015 but quietly disbanded afterward. However, he is primarily recognized as an actor and has not actively pursued music since the disbandment of Mr. Bio.

Chen Zheyuan Net Worth

Zheyuan has an estimated net worth of $ 2 million to $5 million from his career as an Actor

Chen Zheyuan Dating Lusi

Zheyuan and Zhao Lusi have never officially confirmed any romantic involvement publicly. Both actors tend to keep their personal lives private and seldom comment on such speculation. It’s essential to respect their privacy and refrain from spreading unconfirmed information.

Chen Zheyuan Idol Producer

Zheyuan is recognized as an actor, notably for his roles in projects such as “Mr. Bad” and “Hidden Love.” It’s important to clarify that he did not take part in the survival show Idol Producer. Any confusion might arise from his initial debut as a member of the boy group Mr. Bio in 2015. Mr. Bio’s formation occurred through the talent show King of Pop, not Idol Producer. Although both shows revolve around creating idol groups, they are distinct entities.

Chen Zheyuan Favorite Colour

Zheyuan’s favorite color is not readily available in public sources. Personal preferences such as favorite colors are often not widely documented for public figures unless specifically mentioned by the individuals in interviews, social media posts, or other public platforms.

Chen Zheyuan Facts

Described as introverted and reserved, yet lively and enthusiastic among close friends, Chen Zheyuan enjoys various hobbies during his leisure time. He finds pleasure in staying active through workouts, basketball, and badminton, and indulges in the tranquility of fishing.

When it comes to food, he leans towards simple fare like burgers and fried rice, while avoiding mustard and snacks. He has expressed a preference for kind and cute women as his ideal type and considers his eyes his best physical feature.

In the kitchen, he’s adept at preparing dishes such as noodles, soy-glazed chicken wings, and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Alongside his interests, he actively engages in volunteer work and charitable endeavors.

Additionally, he showcases his musical talents by playing the piano and guitar. An avid enthusiast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly Spider-Man, he also holds a deep affection for dogs, owning a beloved pet golden retriever named Sunny.

Chen Zheyuan Exo

Despite sharing similar names, EXO, a renowned K-pop boy group, and Chen Zheyuan, a Chinese actor, have no affiliation with each other. Zheyuan, the actor, is entirely separate from EXO and has no involvement with K-pop activities. He remains dedicated to his acting career in China, focusing solely on his endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Chen Zheyuan Best Drama

  1. Hidden Love (2023): This romantic drama achieved immense popularity within China and internationally, making it one of the most-watched dramas of the year.
  2. Mr. Bad (2022): Another popular offering, this fantasy romance earned positive reviews for its innovative concept, engaging story, and Chen’s portrayal of the dual characters Xiao Wu Di and Lu Zi.
  3. Our Secret (2021): This coming-of-age drama resonated with many viewers for its relatable characters, realistic portrayal of youth, and Chen’s natural chemistry with co-star Xu Mengjie.

Chen Zheyuan and Victor Ma

Zheyuan and Victor Ma, two Chinese actors who have garnered considerable fame both independently and through their collaborative work on-screen, share a close friendship beyond their professional relationship. Intriguingly, they were born in the same year, 1996, and also belong to the same zodiac sign, the rat.

In real life, they affectionately refer to each other with friendly nicknames such as “Ma Ge” (Brother Ma) and “Chen Ge” (Brother Chen), or “Qianqian,” a playful twist on Victor’s first name. Their most notable joint project was their roles as brothers Sang Yan and Duan Jiaxu in the drama “Hidden Love” (2023). They consistently offer support to one another in their respective individual endeavors and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Chen Zheyuan Weibo

Zheyuan’s official Weibo handle is @chanzy. On his account, Chen Zheyuan regularly posts a mix of promotional and personal photos, keeping his followers informed about his upcoming projects and the progress of his filming endeavors.

Occasionally, he shares lighthearted moments from his work life and interactions with fellow cast members. It’s important to note that the majority of the content on Chen Zheyuan’s Weibo is in Chinese. Following his account provides fans with an excellent way to stay informed about his career and daily activities.

Chen Zheyuan and Shen Yue

Zheyuan and Shen Yue are two well-known Chinese actors who have garnered attention for their on-screen partnership and the fan curiosity surrounding their potential relationship. Their standout collaboration was in the romantic comedy-drama “Mr. Bad” (2022), portraying the characters Xiao Wu Di and Nan Xing, respectively.

Audiences lauded their on-screen chemistry, sparking considerable speculation and interest among fans. Additionally, they shared a smaller role in the film “Love Actually” (2023). Both actors have thriving individual careers and have collaborated with various co-stars. Appreciating their acting prowess and looking forward to their upcoming projects is a constructive way to celebrate their work.

Hidden Love Chen Zheyuan

When analyzing his character, one might consider his personality, interactions with other characters, and evolution throughout the narrative. Delving into his acting decisions, standout scenes, and his ability to embody the character adds depth to the discussion. Exploring behind-the-scenes anecdotes, the hurdles he encountered, and his approach to preparing for the role can offer valuable insights into his performance.

Chen Zheyuan Upcoming Drama 2024

There is no specific information available about Zheyuan’s upcoming drama in 2024. Production schedules and announcements for television dramas can vary, and information about future projects may not always be readily accessible well in advance.

Chen Zheyuan Movies and TV Shows

TV Shows

  1. “Handsome Siblings” (2020) – He gained recognition for his role as Zhou Siyue in this wuxia drama.
  2. “Our Secret” (2021) – He further solidified his popularity with his performance in this coming-of-age drama.
  3. “Mr. Bad” (2022) – Achieved major international recognition for his starring role in this romantic fantasy series.
  4. “Hidden Love” (2023) – Became a global sensation for his portrayal of Duan Jiaxu in this highly popular drama.
  5. “Sword and Fairy 4” (2024) – Played the male lead role of Yun Tuanhe in this series.


  1. “Love Actually” (2023) – He appeared in a smaller role in this film.

Chen Zheyuan Social Media Platforms

Zheyuan is very active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 18.7K followers on Twitter, 956K on Instagram, and 46K on Facebook.



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