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Gabrielle Balassone Profile

Gabrielle Balassone is an American individual from Naked And Afraid XL: Frozen on Discovery. She takes part in the Discovery Channel running reality series as a survivor. Additionally, she joined the cast in August 2016, and she first labored for 14 days at the Bank of West Africa. 

Gabrielle Balassone Age

Gabrielle Balassone is 35 years old as of 2024. She was born on 17th February 1989, in Westminister, Maryland, United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on 17th February every year.

Gabrielle Balassone Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Gabrielle Balassone Family

She was brought up in a rural local area in Carroll County, Maryland. Balassone fostered an affection for the outside because her dad, John Balassone, took her on various events on climbs in the forest. her father is a marine Vet.

She revealed that her love for the outdoors began when she was a child following walks in the woods with her father. Balassone grew up in a farming community in Carroll County, Maryland. Furthermore, information regarding her mother and her siblings is unavailable. We will update it as soon as it’s available.

Gabrielle Balassone Education

She went to Winters Mill High School. To go to the University of Baltimore, she moved to Baltimore, Maryland, in 2009. After accepting her Bachelor’s certification, she went home for the year before starting her lawful studies. She voyaged and lived in Australia during this year.

gabrielle balassone
Gabrielle balassone

She got a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2013, with an emphasis on government strategy, business, and brain research. Furthermore, she went to the University of Baltimore School of Law from 2014 to 2017, where she accepted her Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law) degree.

Gabrielle Balassone Husband

Balassone is happily married to her husband Carlos Loera. The duo tied the knot On January 23, 2019,  Loera, a performer, and specialized mentor, had been her long-lasting affection. Additionally, she and Carlos had been dating from the start of the 2010s, and as time went on, their affection and regard for each other assisted them in fashioning an enduring fellowship. Furthermore, the duo is blessed with three children.

Gabrielle Balassone Naked and Afraid Xl: Frozen

Balassone joined the cast of Naked and Afraid in August 2016, and she first labored for 14 days on the bank of West Africa. Regardless of being brought together with an outsider from the outset, she was passed on to take on the test alone for the last nine days of recording.

Balassone is a contestant, she took a break of one year after completing her undergraduate degree before beginning her studies to become a lawyer. During this year, she spent time traveling throughout Australia as well as living there. On these missions, she was the only member of the crew to assist the ship’s captain in carrying out her duties.

In August 2016, the famous person became a cast member on the show Naked and Afraid, for which she initially worked for 14 days on the coast of West Africa. The fact Because she began the competition with a stranger as her partner, she was forced to face the challenge on her own for the remaining nine days of filming.

Gabrielle Balassone Naked and Afraid Xl: Frozen

As Gabrielle is a member of Naked and Afraid XL, they should endure 40 days outside in the forest. As per the reports from Things, the candidates who invested additional energy in combating other than 21 days would get $24000, which is almost multiple times what they would get in the 21-day challenge.

Legal counselor, she has additionally worked in organizations like Defense Contractor, Saft, Johansson’s Dining House, and so on; as per her LinkedIn profile, and through these positions, she has made some profit too.

Gabrielle Balassone Career

She filled in as the associate bar supervisor at the Jardine Motel on Thursday Island in country Queensland from August 2013 to December 2013. She was accountable for recruiting and preparing new representatives notwithstanding her different obligations.

The unscripted television star functioned as a lawful colleague at the Baltimore, Maryland, office of John H. Denick and Associates after moving back to the United States in 2015. From that point forward, she has likewise functioned as a barkeep at Westminster, Maryland’s Johansson’s Dining House.

She filled in as a deckhand on the business fishing vessel “Drifter” from February to August 2013, which incorporates week after week journeys along Australia’s Great Barrier ReefShe was the sole individual from the group working with the boat’s skipper on these missions.

Gabrielle Balassone Biography

Between August 2013 and December 2013, she worked as the assistant bar manager at the Jardine Motel, which is located on Thursday Island in rural Queensland. In addition to the other tasks she was responsible for, she was in charge of recruiting and instructing new staff members.

After moving back to the United States in 2015, the reality TV star got a job as a legal assistant at the office of John H. Denick & Associates in Baltimore, Maryland. Since that time, she has additionally held the position of bartender at Johansson’s Dining House located in Westminster, Maryland.

In the wake of graduating with an Arts degree, she again studied cum-lude with a Doctor of Law degree from a similar college in 2014 and graduated in 2017. Gabrielle required a year hole to read up to concentrate on a Doctor of Law, and during this year hole, she went to the show Naked and Afraid, through which she spent voyaging and remaining in Australia.

Gabrielle Balassone Net Worth

Balassone has an estimated annual net worth of $ 1 million to $5 million earned from her career as a lawyer and a survivalist.

Gabrielle Balassone Social Media Platforms

Balassone is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 632 followers on Twitter, 21K followers on Instagram, and 8.5K followers on Facebook.

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