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Isabela Merced Profile

Isabela Merced[Isabela Yolanda Moner]  is an American actress and singer. She played the lead role of CJ Martin on the Nickelodeon television series 100 Things to Do Before High School and voiced Kate in Nickelodeon’s animated spinoff series Dora and Friends.

How old is Isabela Merced?

She is 23 years old as of 2024. Merced was born on 10 July 2001 in Cleveland Ohio in the United States of America.

Isabela Merced Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Isabela Merced Education

Merced has shared that her first language is Spanish, and she faced challenges with English when she initially started grade school. She identifies more as Peruvian than American. Remarkably, she was accepted into college at the age of 15.

Her journey into acting began when her family’s home in Cleveland was destroyed by a fire. Being a fan of Judy Garland, her parents, seeking to divert her attention from the loss, suggested she audition for a local production of The Wizard of Oz.

Embracing the opportunity, she landed a role as a Munchkin. Encouraged by a local theatre director, the family decided to relocate to New York City, supporting her pursuit of a Broadway career.

Isabela Merced
Isabela Merced

Isabela Merced Parents

Katherine Moner is the mother of Isabela, and she hails from Lima, Peru, and is a first-generation immigrant. She is known for being highly supportive of Isabela’s career, often attending events with her. Patrick Moner, Isabela’s father, comes from Louisiana and has a mix of Polish and Slovak ancestry.

He serves as a firefighter for the Cleveland Division of Fire. Isabela has shared that Spanish was her initial language, and she identifies herself as more Peruvian than American. Despite her parents’ divorce during her early years, both continue to play important roles in her life.

Isabela Merced Siblings

Merced has two siblings, both of them brothers. Jared Moner, the elder brother, is an athlete by profession. Known for being a supportive big brother, he can frequently be seen cheering Isabela on at various events. Giovanni Moner, the younger brother, is a musician who shares his music on social media.

He shares a close relationship with his sister, as evident from their interactions online. Isabela has expressed her gratitude for having such supportive siblings, and they often feature prominently in her social media posts, highlighting the significant role they play in her life.

Isabela Merced Boyfriend

Isabela’s latest confirmed romantic involvement was with singer Kiana Ledé, spanning from June 2021 to January 2023. Subsequently, there haven’t been any updates about a new partner on her social media or in interviews.

Instead, Isabela appears dedicated to her career, with upcoming projects such as the Marvel film “Madame Web” and her musical releases. It’s crucial to acknowledge that celebrities frequently choose to keep their personal lives private, leaving the possibility that they may be in a relationship without disclosing it publicly.

Isabela Merced Relationships

  1. Kiana Ledé (June 2021 – January 2023): Isabela had a relationship with singer Kiana Ledé lasted approximately a year and a half.
  2. Jace Norman (2016): In 2016, she briefly dated her co-star from “100 Things to Do Before High School,” Jace Norman.
  3. Owen Patrick Joyner (Rumored – 2019): There were speculations about a potential relationship with actor Owen Patrick Joyner around 2019, but it was never officially confirmed.
  4. Seth Isaac Johnson (Rumored – 2014): During the filming of “Splitting Adam” in 2014, unconfirmed rumors linked her romantically to co-star Seth Isaac Johnson.

Isabela Merced Career

Merced, formerly known as Isabela Moner, stands out as a young woman with a flourishing career in acting, singing, and activism. Let’s explore various facets of her remarkable journey. Beginning her career at a young age, she made her Broadway debut at 10 in “Evita.”

The breakthrough came with her role as CJ Martin in the popular TV series “100 Things to Do Before High School” (2014-2016). Additionally, she lent her voice to Kate in the spin-off “Dora and Friends: Into the City!” (2014-2017).

Transitioning to Hollywood, Merced showcased her talent in films like “Transformers: The Last Knight” (2017), “Instant Family” (2018), “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” (2018), and portrayed the titular character in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” (2019).

Noteworthy roles followed, such as Rachel Cooper in the Netflix thriller “Sweet Girl” (2021), and she has exciting projects ahead, including Anya Corazon in “Madame Web” (2024), Aza Holmes in “Turtles All the Way Down” (2024), and Hawkgirl in “Superman: Legacy” (2025).

In 2015, she released her debut album “Stopping Time,” highlighting her vocal prowess. Merced has graced events like the Radio Disney Music Awards and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with her performances. Her voice has also contributed to movie soundtracks, including “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.”

Beyond entertainment, she is deeply committed to advocacy, using her platform to champion causes such as environmental conservation, human rights, and animal welfare. Serving as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Children, she actively engages in initiatives aimed at enhancing children’s lives.

Merced’s multifaceted artistry has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She serves as a role model, inspiring young individuals to pursue their dreams and advocate for their beliefs.

Isabela Merced Awards

These awards and nominations demonstrate Isabela Merced’s impressive range and talent:

  1. 2020 Winner: Best Actress – Feature Film for “Dora and the Lost City of Gold”
  2. 2019 Winner: Best Actress – Feature Film for “Instant Family”
  3. 2016 Winner: Best Young Actor – Television for “100 Things to Do Before High School
  4. 2015 Nominee: Best Young Actress
  5. 2019 Winner: Best Leading Young Actress
  6. 2018 Teen Choice Awards
  7. 2019 Hispanic Heritage Foundation ALMA Awards

Isabela Merced Reddit

The community on this subreddit, dedicated to fans of the network, often engages in discussions about stars from both past and current shows, with a notable focus on Isabela and her memorable role in “100 Things to Do Before High School.”

Additionally, in the subreddit dedicated to celebrity fashion and beauty, Isabela occasionally becomes a topic, with members providing commentary on her style and appearance.

Depending on her film roles and music releases, you may find discussions about Isabela in subreddits related to specific movies, TV shows, music genres, or collaborations with other artists.

Isabela Merced 2024

In 2024, Isabela Merced’s standout moment is undoubtedly her role in the upcoming superhero film “Madame Web.” Set for release in February 2024, the film features her as Anya Corazon (Spider-Girl), a character endowed with psychic abilities and the potential to become a significant player in the Spider-Verse.

This project, a spin-off from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, introduces audiences to Madame Web, portrayed by Dakota Johnson. Merced’s portrayal of Anya Corazon is pivotal, depicting a young woman with the power to manipulate probability through psychic “psionic” energy.

Notably recognized for her activism and involvement in social causes, there’s a possibility we’ll see her continuing her advocacy work in 2024.

Isabela Merced Dora and the Lost City of Gold

She gained widespread recognition for her performances in the 2019 film “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.” Merced is a highly skilled and versatile artist, achieving success in both television and film. In addition to her acting career, she is also recognized as a singer and songwriter.

Isabela Merced Sicario

Merced portrayed Isabel Reyes, the teenage daughter of a powerful Mexican drug cartel leader. Her character gets caught in the crossfire of a violent conflict between the US government and rival cartels, as the film explores the brutal and morally ambiguous aspects of the drug war.

Isabela Merced Net Worth

Merced, a burgeoning talent in Hollywood, has a net worth that is still developing given her rising career. While estimates differ across sources, they generally fall within the range of $3 million to $5 million, encompassing earnings from her roles in movies and TV shows, as well as brand endorsements.

Isabela Merced Jenna Ortega

Isabela and Jenna, both in their early twenties, were born in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Sharing Latin American heritage, Isabela has Peruvian and mixed European roots, while Jenna’s background includes Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Commencing their acting journeys at a young age, they initially appeared in local productions and television shows before securing breakthrough roles. Demonstrating versatility, both actresses have embraced diverse genres, spanning action, comedy, drama, and thrillers.

Their relationship is marked by mutual support and admiration, evident in their interactions on social media. Their camaraderie has sparked excitement among fans, fueling anticipation for a potential collaboration in the future.

Isabela Merced and Jace Norman

Their initial encounter took place on the set of the Nickelodeon TV series “Henry Danger,” where they portrayed Piper Hart and Henry Hart. The on-screen closeness of their characters fueled speculation about potential real-life feelings.

In 2016, they officially confirmed their relationship through a series of endearing couple photos on social media, much to the joy of their fans. Maintaining openness about their relationship, they attended events together and regularly shared pictures on various online platforms.

Mark Wahlberg and Isabela Merced

Mark Wahlberg and Isabela Merced have encountered each other multiple times in their acting journeys, notably sharing the screen in two action-packed films, namely Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) and Instant Family (2018).

In various interviews, both Wahlberg and Merced have expressed mutual admiration for each other’s work, suggesting a positive connection forged during their time filming together. Wahlberg has even playfully referred to himself as Merced’s “adopted movie dad,” given their collaboration on two family-centric movies.

Although there are currently no concrete plans for them to work together again, the prospect of a future collaboration between Wahlberg and Merced wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Isabela Merced Instant Family

Merced, formerly known as Isabela Moner at the film’s premiere, took on the role of Lizzy in the 2018 comedy-drama film Instant Family. Within the storyline, Lizzy emerges as the eldest among three siblings adopted by Pete and Ellie Wagner, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne.

A 15-year-old with a background in the foster care system, Lizzy contends with trust issues. At the outset, she exhibits a reluctance to embrace the Wagners and their endeavors to establish a connection with her and her younger siblings.

Isabela Merced Upcoming Project

“Turtles All the Way Down”: Making its debut on HBO Max in 2024, this romantic drama is an adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel by John Green.

“Madame Web”: Slated for a 2024 release, this superhero film by Sony Pictures is a part of the Spider-Man Universe. Isabela Merced joins Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney in the cast, with specific details about her character kept confidential.

“Rosaline”: Although technically not an upcoming release as it premiered on Hulu in July 2022, “Rosaline” deserves recognition for showcasing Merced’s comedic talents.

Beyond Acting: Isabela Merced proves to be a versatile artist, exploring ventures beyond acting.

Isabela Merced Turtles All the Way Down

Merced played the lead character, Aza Holmes, in the film adaptation of Turtles All the Way Down. Aza is a 16-year-old high school student who grapples with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) throughout the story. Merced’s performance was praised for its authenticity and depth in portraying Aza’s mental health struggles.

Isabela Merced Splitting Adam

Lori plays a crucial part in the story. She helps Adam navigate the challenges of having multiple clones, offering advice and emotional support. She also gets caught up in the adventures, experiencing firsthand the hilarious and sometimes messy consequences of Adam’s cloning experiment.

Isabela Merced Spirit Untamed

Merced skillfully embodies Lucky’s independent and rebellious spirit. Growing up in the city, Lucky yearns for freedom and a connection with nature, mirroring the desires of her late mother. Upon being sent to live with her stern father in the frontier town of Miradero, Lucky finds herself at odds with his expectations. This sets the stage for an exciting adventure as she endeavors to befriend Spirit, a wild Mustang stallion.

Isabela Merced Father of the Bride

In the 2022 comedy-drama film “Father of the Bride,” Merced takes on a significant role, infusing the story with her youthful energy and charm. She portrays Cora, the younger daughter of Billy and Ingrid Herrera, a Cuban-American couple navigating the intricacies of their eldest daughter’s impending wedding.

Isabela Merced Let it Show

Merced takes on a starring role in the 2019 Netflix Christmas romantic comedy film “Let It Snow.” Adapted from the young adult novel of the same name by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle, the movie narrates the interconnected lives of a group of high school seniors amid a Christmas Eve snowstorm. Merced not only graces the film with her presence but also contributes the pop ballad “Let It Show” to the soundtrack. The song encapsulates a theme of shedding fear and embracing one’s authentic self.

Isabela Merced Songs

These are just a few of Isabela Merced’s many songs:

  1. “Complicated” (2018): This relatable pop song is about the ups and downs of teenage love.
  2. “PAPI” (2019): This catchy and playful Latin pop song is about a girl’s complicated relationship with her father.
  3. “Apocalipsis” (2020): This Spanish-language pop song is a dark and atmospheric track that showcases Merced’s vocal range and versatility.
  4. “I’ll Stay” (from Instant Family, 2018): This heartwarming ballad is about the promise of family and staying together through thick and thin. It was featured in the Netflix comedy film “Instant Family.”
  5. “Fearless” (from Spirit Untamed, 2021): This powerful anthem is about finding your inner strength and never giving up on your dreams. It was the lead single for the animated movie “Spirit Untamed.”
  6. “Don’t Go” (with Danna Paola from Dora and the Lost City of Gold, 2019): This upbeat Latin pop song is about cherishing the moments with loved ones before they’re gone. It was featured in the live-action Dora movie.
  7. “Let It Show” (from Let It Snow, 2019): This pop ballad, co-written by Merced herself, is about embracing your true self and letting go of fear. It was the lead single for the Netflix Christmas movie “Let It Snow.”

Isabela Merced Movies and TV Shows


  1. Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019): Merced took on the titular role of Dora in this live-action adaptation of the popular animated series, bringing the adventurous explorer to life on the big screen.
  2. Instant Family (2018): She played Lizzy, the eldest of three adopted children, in this heartwarming comedy alongside Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne.
  3. Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018): Merced portrayed Isabel, a teenager caught in the crossfire of a drug war, in this action thriller sequel.
  4. Transformers: The Last Knight (2017): She made her debut in a major Hollywood blockbuster as Izabella, a young woman with a connection to Merlin, in this action-packed Transformers film.
  5. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2016): Merced played Rafi Rodriguez, a quick-witted student, in this comedy about navigating the trials and tribulations of middle school.

TV Shows

  1. Sweet Girl (2021): Merced starred as Rachel Cooper, a teenage daughter seeking revenge for her father’s death, in this Netflix action thriller.
  2. Let It Snow (2019): She voiced Julie in this Netflix holiday anthology film, lending her talents to one of the interconnected stories.
  3. 100 Things to Do Before High School (2014-2016): Merced played the lead role of CJ Martin in this Nickelodeon live-action sitcom, following the adventures of a group of teenagers.
  4. Dora and Friends: Into the City! (2014): She voiced the iconic animated character Dora in this spin-off series that followed Dora’s adventures in the city.

Isabela Merced Social Media Platforms

Merced is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 145.6k followers on X[Twitter, 3.6 million followers on Instagram, and 688k followers on Facebook.


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