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Jessika Power Profile

Jessika Power is a Television reality star, model, adult star, and influence in Australia. She is best known for her appearance in the show Married at First Sight.

Jessika Power Age

Jessika is 31 years old as of 2023. She was born on 2nd October 1992 in Australia. Additionally, she celebrates her birthday on 2nd October every year.

Jessika Power Height

She stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Jessika Power Family

Jessika has been open about her complicated relationship with her estranged mum, who Jess claims exposed her to plenty of difficult things as a child. By the time she filmed MAFS, Jess and her mum weren’t on speaking terms, and as such Melinda wasn’t invited to the TV wedding.

“Growing up I didn’t have the best upbringing,” Jessika said of her childhood on the show.”My mum and my dad [Troy Power] divorced when I was one and then my mum moved to Western Australia because she said it was the furthest away she could get from him. Troy was invited to the wedding despite having been estranged from Jess in the past too, however, the pair mended their relationship six years before she starred on MAFS.

After her parents divorced and Melinda moved the family to WA, Jess had almost no contact with her biological dad for decades before reconnecting in the early 2010s. Troy had been a professional boxer and was fiercely protective of his daughter on the show, even threatening her TV husband Mick Gould.

Jessika Power
Jessika Power

Jessika Power sister

Rhyce was the surprise star of his sister’s 2019 MAFS wedding when his striking appearance in a crisp suit with plenty of tattoos peeking out caught the eyes of millions of Aussies. Dubbed Jess’ “hot brother”, there was an almost instant media circus around. Rhyce as fans tried to track him down online and in real life. The MAFS alum has mentioned in the past that she has three other siblings as well as Rhyce, including a sister named Eliz and another brother she referred to as “Bubba” online.

Jessika Power Husband

The pair met each other for the first time at the altar before saying their vows, and they bonded over Harry Potter. Things started to go downhill after Jess wasn’t impressed by Pjay’s job as a stripper. On their big day, Pjay was grilled by his new mother-in-law.

Shortly before Jess herself stormed off and threatened to not go on her honeymoon at the revelation. While on honeymoon, things took a worse turn as Jess awkwardly rejected Pjay’s offer of a massage. And later told the camera that she doesn’t feel the ‘romantic spark,’ and is instead feeling ‘a friend vibe’.

Jessika Power Leaked Nude

Power was currently in a scandal after her Uncensored indecent scene and unclothed photos leaked. 

Jessika Power New Boyfriend

Jessika recently returned to Australia after a stint in the UK. And the Married At First Sight star is staying put Down Under for a while. This is why her British boyfriend, Connor Thompson, will soon join her in her native Queensland. ‘Connor is coming over in September and we’re so happy.

It’s like “Who is this girl from MAFS who was stealing husbands? And is all domesticated now?”‘ the 29-year-old told The Herald Sun on Friday. The reality star added that she’s madly in love and things are going swimmingly for the pair.

Jessika Power Death Threats

Married At First Sight UK’s Jess Potter has revealed being sent death threats by fans of the Channel 4 show. After episodes of her wedding and honeymoon with Pjay Finch aired. Taking to Instagram, Jess has revealed she has since been sent death threats. And is shocked at the reaction from viewers to scenes that were filmed six months ago.

In a video shared with her followers, she said: ‘Can people stop sending me death threats because I’ve done f**k all wrong in this situation. ‘You were not at my wedding. Let’s remember it’s edited so not everything you see is what happened. There’s a lot more context to it. ‘I never disrespected anyone, I never did anything out of order.’

Jessika Power 10 of Celebs Go Dating

After arriving in the UK last year, Jessika has appeared in series 10 of Celebs Go Dating. However, she sparked speculation that she faked being single to star in the show while seeing her current boyfriend, Connor. The Australian reality star – reportedly signed a £40,000 (AUD 70,227) deal to be on the E4 dating series. Has reportedly engaged bosses for ‘wasting everyone’s time.’ Everyone thinks Jessika has been with Connor the whole time.

She has now moved him into her apartment and they are no longer hiding their romance. ‘The whole ‘split’ was very convenient so she could cash her cheque but not surprisingly she didn’t meet anyone on the show. It’s wasted everyone’s time really and bosses aren’t happy. Stars who sign up for the show have contracts that stipulate they must be single throughout the process.

Jessika Power Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power is no stranger when it comes to reality TV controversy. After starring on the show in 2019, Jessika embarked on an ‘affair’ with fellow MAFS contestant Dan Webb. Dan was paired with Tamara Joy, while Jessika was matched with farmer Mick Gould. Jessica Power has gone down in Married At First Sight Australia history as one of the show’s biggest villains.

She ruffled feathers on the Down Under edition of the wedding show. When she cheated on Mick Gould and stole Tamara Joy’s husband Dan Webb. Despite them both being paired up with other people, Jess, 29, made it clear that she was keen on Dan at the joint dinner parties. After several secret meetings, they then revealed it to the other participants.

Taking part they wanted to be an item at a commitment ceremony. They also were allowed to continue the process as a new couple after Mick and Tamara departed. Jess’s actions made it exciting for reality TV viewers. But viewers were appalled by how she and Dan conducted themselves with no care for the people they were hurting.

Jessika Power and Pjay

While Jess, 31, and Pjay initially appeared to have a good start to their relationship on their wedding day. Jess was left unimpressed by Pjay’s job as a stripper with the Dreamboys. However, Pjay vowed he would quit his job if it made her happy. On their honeymoon, she admitted that she felt things were more friendly than romantic and rejected his offer of a massage.

However, the pair got closer when Jess broke down in tears as she opened up about an ex-partner cheating on her with a member of her family. “You’re a good person, every day we’ve had here, every day gets better, you’re wonderful,” Pjay told her.

Pjay had previously admitted that his partners had previously struggled to trust him due to his job. Jess, who hails from Cambridgeshire, is a dental hygienist and has said that humor is the most important thing to her in a relationship.

Jessika Power Net Worth

Power has an estimated annual net worth of $ 1 million to $5 million earned from her career as a reality star, model, adult star, and influencer.

Jessika Power Social Media Platforms

Power is active on her Instagram page. She has 380k followers on Instagram.

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