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Kevin Alejandro Profile

Kevin Alejandro is an American actor and film director. He is known for his roles as Nate Moretta in the TNT crime drama Southland, Forklift Mike in the NBC series Parenthood, Jesús Velázquez in the HBO supernatural thriller True Blood, Sebastian Blood / Brother Blood in The CW superhero series Arrow, and as detective Daniel Espinóza in the Fox/Netflix supernatural comedy-crime drama Lucifer.

Kevin Alejandro Age

He is 48 years of age as of 2024. Alejandro was born on 7 April 1976 in San Antonio Texas in the United States. He celebrates his birthday on 7 April every year.

Kevin Alejandro Height

He stands at an average height of 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Kevin Alejandro Ethnicity

Alejandro, born to Mexican parents in San Antonio, Texas, proudly embraces his Mexican heritage, often discussing it in interviews. While he may have other ancestries in his background, he predominantly associates himself with his Mexican roots.

Kevin Alejandro Education

Alejandro earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting Theatre/Theater from The University of Texas at Austin. where he pursued his education. However, specific details about his field of study or degree obtained are not readily available in the public domain.

Kevin Alejandro Family

Alejandro’s parents are Dora Alejandro Hernandez and Tomas Hernandez. He has expressed his strong bond with them and his pride in his Mexican heritage. Kevin also has two sisters, Kimberly McGraw and Tanya Hernandez, although he doesn’t often disclose much information about them publicly.

Kevin Alejandro
Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro Wife

Alejandro is married to Leslie de Jesus Alejandro. They tied the knot on February 14, 2004, and have one son named Kaden Michael Alejandro, born in 2008. While Kevin occasionally offers glimpses into his personal life on social media, such as sharing occasional photos of Kaden, he typically maintains his family’s privacy.

Kevin Alejandro Career

Alejandro is a highly versatile American actor and director, boasting a career spanning over two decades. He has captivated audiences on both television and film screens with his diverse range of characters. Alejandro made his television debut in 2004 on the series “Charmed” and subsequently appeared in shows such as “Without a Trace,” “Medium,” and “CSI: Miami.

“However, it was his breakthrough role in 2009 on the TNT crime drama “Southland” that truly propelled him into the spotlight. Portraying the complex and dedicated detective Nate Moretta, Alejandro garnered critical acclaim and solidified himself as a rising star in the industry.

He continued to impress with a variety of roles on popular television shows, including the charming Forklift Mike in “Parenthood,” the enigmatic vampire Jesús Velázquez in “True Blood,” and the villainous Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood in “Arrow.”

In 2015, Alejandro secured the role of the charismatic detective Daniel Espinoza in the Netflix series “Lucifer,” further cementing his status as a fan favorite. In addition to his acting prowess, Alejandro ventured into directing, helming episodes of “Lucifer” and the CBS series “The Talk.”

He also directed the pilot episode of the Fox series “Fire Country” in 2022. Throughout his illustrious career, Alejandro has received numerous accolades for his performances. He clinched an Imagen Award for his role in “Southland” and earned a nomination for a Teen Choice Award for his work in “Arrow.”

Alejandro’s career trajectory serves as an inspiring testament to his dedication and talent. Continuously challenging himself with diverse roles, he leaves a lasting impression on both audiences and critics alike. As he continues to explore new avenues in acting and directing, the future undoubtedly holds exciting possibilities for Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro True Blood

Alejandro is an actor known for his role as Jesus Velasquez in the television series “True Blood.” He portrayed the character with depth and charisma, becoming a notable part of the show’s ensemble cast. Alejandro’s portrayal of Jesus, a medium and love interest of Lafayette Reynolds, garnered attention for its complexity and emotional depth. His performance contributed to the overall success and popularity of “True Blood,” which ran for seven seasons from 2008 to 2014.

Kevin Alejandro Net Worth

Alejandro has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million to $7 million from his career earnings, investments, and other financial ventures.

Kevin Alejandro Arrow

Alejandro appeared in the television series “Arrow” in the role of Sebastian Blood, also known as Brother Blood. Sebastian Blood is a prominent character in the show’s second season, serving as an antagonist to Oliver Queen, the titular character.

Alejandro’s portrayal of Sebastian Blood was praised for its complexity and intensity, adding depth to the series’ roster of characters. His involvement in “Arrow” showcased his versatility as an actor and further solidified his presence in the realm of television dramas.

Kevin Alejandro Fire Country

Alejandro takes on a significant role in the CBS drama series “Fire Country,” which debuted in October 2022. He portrays Manny, the central figure at Station 42, serving as a seasoned fire captain responsible for supervising the Cal Fire inmate firefighting program.

Manny is characterized by his compassion, leadership qualities, and unwavering commitment to his team, which includes both incarcerated firefighters and his regular crew. With a complex backstory shaping his character, Manny draws on his past experiences to provide guidance and mentorship to those under his command.

Kevin Alejandro Sons of Anarchy

Alejandro did appear in the hit television series “Sons of Anarchy.” He portrayed the character Esai Alvarez, a Mexican-American gangster and a member of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Alvarez plays a significant role in the series, often involved in the complex web of alliances and conflicts within the fictional world of the show.

Alejandro’s portrayal of Alvarez added depth to the series’ ensemble cast and showcased his talent as an actor in the gritty, intense atmosphere of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Kevin Alejandro Lucifer

Alejandro made a significant impact on the Netflix series “Lucifer” with stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German. His portrayal of Detective Daniel Espinoza. Introduced as a skeptical detective initially investigating Lucifer’s connections to different cases, Dan Espinoza’s dynamic with Lucifer began with tension and suspicion but evolved into mutual respect and even friendship over time. His performance earned him nominations for “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” at prestigious events like the 2018 Leo Awards and the 2019 Saturn Awards.

Kevin Alejandro Ugly Betty

Alejandro appeared in the popular television series “Ugly Betty.” He portrayed Santos, the love interest of Hilda Suarez, one of the main characters. Santos is depicted as a kind-hearted and charming character who becomes romantically involved with Hilda, adding depth to her storyline throughout the series. Alejandro’s portrayal of Santos contributed to the show’s diverse ensemble cast and added layers to the romantic plotlines within “Ugly Betty.”

Is Kevin Alejandro Gay?

There is no public information indicating that Alejandro identifies as gay. Personal details about an individual’s sexual orientation are typically considered private unless the individual chooses to share that information publicly.

Kevin Alejandro Charmed

Alejandro made a guest appearance in the TV series “Charmed,” albeit in a smaller role. He played the character Malvock, a cunning demon, in the season 7 episode titled “There’s Something About Leo.” Malvock’s appearance was part of a storyline revolving around Leo Wyatt, the whitelighter romantically involved with Piper Halliwell. In the episode, Malvock tries to manipulate Leo’s emotions and turn him against the Charmed Ones.

Kevin Alejandro League of Legends

Alejandro did not make an appearance in the League of Legends game itself, but he played a significant part in the animated Netflix series “Arcane.” In the show, he lent his voice to the character of Jayce Talis, a brilliant inventor and scientist hailing from Piltover, one of the primary regions within the world of Runeterra.

He was motivated to audition for the role by his son, who was a dedicated fan of League of Legends. Despite not being familiar with the game initially, Alejandro immersed himself in its lore and universe before bringing Jayce to life through his voice acting.

Kevin Alejandro Director Lucifer

In addition to his acting role on the TV series “Lucifer,” Kevin Alejandro also ventured behind the camera as a director for multiple episodes. He directed episodes spanning Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6 of the series.

Alejandro’s directing work was well-received and praised for its stylistic choices, pacing, and ability to capture the essence of the characters and storylines. Particularly, the episode titled “Goodbye, Lucifer” garnered acclaim for its emotional impact and satisfying conclusion.

His experience directing on “Lucifer” likely paved the way for further directing opportunities on other shows, such as “National Treasure: Edge of History” and “Fire Country.”

Kevin Alejandro Burn Notice

Alejandro is known for his extensive acting career encompassing various roles. While he didn’t have a recurring role in the USA Network spy drama “Burn Notice,” he did make a guest appearance in a single episode titled “Turn and Burn” during season 2, which aired in 2008.

In this episode, Alejandro portrays Raul, a proficient hitman hired by the organization that blacklisted Michael Westen, the show’s protagonist, played by Jeffrey Donovan.

Kevin Alejandro Tattoos

In 2019, Kevin Alejandro and his “Lucifer” co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt commemorated their characters and the show by getting matching tattoos. Alejandro had angel wings inked on his forearm, while Brandt opted for a stylized version of Mazekeen’s demon knife.

Although there are a few other photos online showing Alejandro with tattoos, it’s challenging to verify their authenticity or their significance. It’s important to respect his privacy and refrain from speculating on personal details that he hasn’t chosen to disclose publicly.

Kevin Alejandro Supernatural

Alejandro had a guest appearance in the popular TV series “Supernatural.” He portrayed the character of Jose Sanchez in the episode titled “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” which is part of the show’s sixth season. In this episode, Jose is a werewolf who seeks the Winchesters’ help after his pack is threatened. Alejandro’s performance added depth to the supernatural world of “Supernatural” and contributed to the overall storyline of the series.

Kevin Alejandro Movies and TV Shows


  1. Red State (2011): As Rick, is a member of a religious extremist group.
  2. West of Redemption (2010): As Rick Youngblood, a gunslinger seeking redemption for his past sins.
  3. The Lost Husband (2020): As Danny, is a supportive friend to the protagonist facing loss.
  4. Juveniles (2018): As Russell, a teacher is caught in a dangerous situation involving his students.

TV Shows

  1. Arcane (2021, voice acting): As Jayce Talis, a brilliant inventor in the animated series based on the League of Legends universe.
  2. Grey’s Anatomy (2012): As Officer Dan Pruitt, is involved in a medical emergency alongside the hospital staff.
  3. Drop Dead Diva (2009): As Michael Fernandez, a wrongfully convicted man seeking justice.
  4. Ugly Betty (2006-2007): As Santos, a love interest for Hilda Suarez (Ana Ortiz).
  5. Parenthood (2010-2015): As Forklift Mike, a recurring character with a humorous and heartwarming presence.

Kevin Alejandro Social Media Platforms

Alejandro is very active on his Instagram and Facebook pages. He has 787K followers on Instagram and 580K followers on Facebook.


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