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Mae Whitman Profile

Mae Whitman is an American actor. She began acting in commercials as a child, making her film debut in the romantic drama film When a Man Loves a Woman. She achieved recognition as a child actress for her supporting roles in One Fine Day, Independence Day, Hope Floats, and her television roles in Chicago Hope and JAG.

Mae Whitman Age

She is 36 years of age as of 2024. Whitman was born on 9 June 1988 in Los Angeles California in the United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on 9 June every year.

Mae Whitman Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Mae Whitman Education

Whitman attended Ribét Academy, a private preparatory school located in Los Angeles, known for its challenging academic curriculum and emphasis on the arts. It’s plausible that her time at this institution played a role in refining both her acting skills and academic discipline.

Despite her achievements, Mae has been candid about facing challenges during her school years. In a 2014 interview with People Magazine, she revealed that she experienced bullying in high school, attributed to her identity as a tomboy and a nerd.

These adversities likely contributed significantly to her personal development and resilience. It’s conceivable that Ribét Academy provided Mae with a solid academic foundation, potentially aiding her in managing the demanding schedule of both acting and schoolwork.

Mae Whitman
Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman Family

Whitman’s family is mainly composed of her parents, Pat Musick and Jeffrey Whitman. Pat Musick is a renowned voice actress, recognized for her work in bringing to life various animated characters in shows and movies such as The Critic, Rugrats, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Animaniacs.

Her contributions extend to voicing characters in video games and narrating audiobooks. On the other hand, Jeffrey Whitman serves as a personal manager and set construction coordinator, actively participating in the production of diverse films and television programs.

He plays a crucial role in providing support to actors and overseeing the logistical aspects of set construction. Although Mae is their only biological child, her parents have been unwaverly supportive of her acting career from a young age. Pat, in particular, has leveraged her industry connections to assist Mae in establishing herself and securing early roles.

Mae Whitman Husband

Whitman is presently unmarried and does not have a husband. She has successfully maintained a high level of privacy regarding her personal life, particularly her dating life. Despite her efforts, there have been occasional rumors and speculation regarding her relationships throughout the years.

Mae Whitman Relationship

Whitman’s relationship status is officially undisclosed, as she prefers to keep her personal life, especially her dating experiences, away from public scrutiny. The only relationship publicly confirmed is the one she had with Landon Pigg.

During their time together, Landon even made a cameo appearance in Parenthood. There were brief rumors about her dating Dov Tiefenbach in 2008, though sources vary on the exact timeframe. While working alongside Peter Krause in Parenthood, their on-screen chemistry sparked speculation about a potential romance, but it was never confirmed.

Another co-star, Robbie Amell from “The DUFF,” shared a close off-screen relationship with Mae, leading to rumors. However, Robbie was later confirmed to be dating someone else.

Mae Whitman Career

Whitman has demonstrated remarkable versatility in navigating the entertainment industry, seamlessly transitioning from a child star to an acclaimed actress. Her career began at 3, securing roles in commercials and voice-over work. She gained recognition through notable performances in films such as “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Independence Day,” and “One Fine Day.”

Critically acclaimed for her dramatic role in “Parenthood,” she earned a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Television Award. Venturing into mature roles, Whitman showcased her versatility in films like “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

In the teen romantic comedy “The DUFF,” she took center stage, earning praise for her relatable portrayal and a Teen Choice Award nomination. Concurrently, she continued to excel in voice acting, becoming the iconic voice of Tinker Bell in Disney’s Tinker Bell film series, and lending her voice to characters in popular shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Young Justice.”

Beyond her acting prowess, Whitman is passionate about music, showcasing her singing and songwriting talents in films and on social media. A vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness, she utilizes her platform to promote inclusivity and acceptance.

Looking ahead, she has exciting projects in store, including a voice role in the animated series “Batman: Caped Crusader” and a potential return to “Good Girls” for a spin-off series. Whitman’s enduring career stands as a testament to her dedication, talent, and adaptability, captivating audiences with her range and depth.

Mae Whitman Independence Day

At the tender age of eight, Whitman secured the role in the 1996 film, capturing attention with her innate charm and witty presence. Amidst an alien invasion and global turmoil, Patricia’s youthful optimism and unwavering resilience provided a refreshing and much-needed perspective.

Her steadfast belief in her father and the heroes combating humanity resonated with viewers across all age groups. Whitman’s portrayal in “Independence Day” not only propelled her into the limelight but also firmly established her position in the annals of pop culture history.

Mae Whitman Net Worth

Whitman has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million to $5 million from her career in acting.

Mae Whitman Avatar

In the cherished animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-2008), Whitman assumed the role of Katara, the proficient water-bending master. Her voice became inseparable from the character’s formidable yet compassionate persona, infusing vitality into Katara’s emotional odyssey and formidable water-bending abilities.

Whitman’s voice acting received universal acclaim, with both fans and critics applauding her for the emotional depth and nuanced depiction she brought to the character of Katara.

Mae Whitman Perks of Being a Wallflower

In the film, she portrays Mary Elizabeth, a multifaceted and enthralling character who forms a deep connection with the protagonist, Charlie (portrayed by Logan Lerman). Mary Elizabeth is characterized by her wit, extroversion, and profound passion for music, literature, and life as a whole.

Despite her outward confidence, the character harbors a vulnerability and complexity that unfolds as the film progresses. The actress skillfully captures Mary Elizabeth’s vibrancy and humor while authentically conveying her internal struggles with self-doubt and emotional turmoil.

Mae Whitman Lauren Graham

Both Whitman and Lauren Graham are accomplished Hollywood actresses who independently forged their paths to success. However, their careers beautifully intersected in the heartwarming drama series “Parenthood.”

The on-screen mother-daughter relationship they portrayed evolved into a genuine and enduring real-life friendship that persists to this day. Whitman took on the role of Amber Holt, a teenage girl grappling with Asperger’s syndrome, while Graham portrayed Sarah Braverman, Amber’s adoptive mother.

Together, their characters navigated the intricate dynamics of family life, teenage rebellion, and acceptance with remarkable grace and authenticity. The friendship between Whitman and Graham stands as an inspiring testament for fans, showcasing that authentic connections can flourish even amid the spotlight.

Mae Whitman Katara

Whitman’s memorable voice acting in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” breathed vitality into the character of Katara, the adept water-bending master, captivating audiences globally. Whitman skillfully depicted Katara’s emotional spectrum, accurately portraying her steadfast determination, vulnerable moments, and instances of heartbreak.

Through her voice, the actress conveyed the character’s unwavering loyalty, spirited nature, and quieter moments of self-doubt and reflection. The audience bears witness to Katara’s evolution throughout the series, observing her transformation from a headstrong teenager into a proficient water-bending master and a steadfast pillar of strength for her team.

Mae Whitman Grey’s Anatomy

In the role of Heather Douglas, a young girl grappling with a rare liver disease, Whitman played a pivotal part in the storyline, presenting a significant case for Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang. Her portrayal of Heather was both poignant and nuanced, skillfully capturing the character’s fear and vulnerability, while also conveying her resilience and hope.

Whitman’s performance struck a chord with many viewers who became emotionally invested in Heather’s narrative, feeling heartbroken by her tragic outcome. Through her portrayal, Whitman brought a profound emotional depth to the usual case-of-the-week format of the medical drama.

Mae Whitman Scott Pilgrim

In the role of Roxy Richter, one of Scott Pilgrim’s seven evil exes, Whitman portrays a character with both fierce sass and unexpected vulnerability. Roxy, a jealous and manipulative roller derby queen, is determined to win back Scott’s heart at any cost.

Whitman skillfully embodies Roxy’s sass and intimidation, delivering memorable lines like “You broke my frickin’ heart, Pilgrim!” with a delightful edge of spite. Despite her outward hostility, Roxy reveals hidden depths, offering glimpses of emotional pain stemming from Scott’s betrayal, thereby adding complexity to her character.

Roxy has garnered a substantial fan following, with her iconic lines and fierce demeanor often quoted and celebrated online.

Mae Whitman Hope Floats

In her role as Bernice Pruitt, the daughter of Sandra Bullock’s character Birdee Calvert, Whitman left a lasting impact. Bernice adeptly handles the emotional challenges brought about by her parents’ separation, showcasing a maturity beyond her years.

Whitman skillfully portrays the character’s sadness, confusion, and occasional flashes of anger, effectively capturing the intricate dynamics of a child entangled in the complexities of adult conflict.

Mae Whitman Arrested Development

Whitman quickly captures attention with her portrayal of Ann, Gob Bluth’s magic assistant, characterized by her sing-songy voice and awkward demeanor. Her “Hello darkness, my old friend” routine has become an iconic meme and a humorous reference for fans of the series.

As the narrative unfolds, Ann unveils unexpected layers, engaging in a romantic relationship with Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and injecting a comedic element into the family dynamics. Through her character’s development, Ann’s intelligence and ambition shine, challenging the initial assumptions we might have about her.

Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer

Whitman and Miles Heizer form a dynamic duo, and their genuine friendship has captured the admiration of fans and piqued curiosity. Portraying siblings Amber and Drew Holt, they depicted a natural and convincing brother-sister relationship on screen. The undeniable chemistry between them manifested in playful banter, emotional vulnerability, and unwavering support.

Although they haven’t collaborated on major projects since Parenthood concluded, their off-screen friendship remains strong. Forged during the filming of Parenthood, their bond has endured, evident in their shared travels, attendance at events, and the sharing of photos and videos on social media, highlighting their enduring connection.

Mae Whitman Tinkerbell

Whitman skillfully embodied the essence of Tinkerbell, capturing her mischievous nature, playful humor, and moments of profound loyalty and fierce determination. Through her voice work, Whitman conveyed a broad spectrum of emotions, effortlessly shifting between laughter and anger, vulnerability and confidence.

The depth and authenticity in Whitman’s voice resonated strongly with viewers, enabling them to connect with Tinkerbell’s challenges and victories. Her delivery possessed a raw authenticity that truly engaged audiences, making them emotionally invested in the character’s journey.

Mae Whitman Voice

Whitman demonstrates a remarkable ability to express a diverse array of emotions through her voice. Whether exuding playful cheerfulness, mischievous glee, vulnerability, anger, or quiet determination, she effortlessly traverses the emotional spectrum of her characters. Her adeptness extends to convincingly portraying characters of different ages, skillfully adapting her voice to suit their distinct personalities and levels of maturity.

Whitman’s capacity to embody both youthful innocence and adult complexity is truly impressive. Additionally, her naturally melodic voice shines through in her singing roles, contributing a pleasing quality to both her musical performances and spoken dialogue.

Miles Heizer and Mae Whitman

Portraying the roles of siblings Amber and Drew Holt, they presented a brother-sister relationship that felt both natural and convincing. The dynamic they crafted, characterized by playful banter, emotional vulnerability, and unwavering support, resonated deeply with viewers.

Originating as close friends during the filming of Parenthood, their bond has endured, extending into their post-show lives. Their shared travels, attendance at events, and the sharing of photos and videos on social media underscore their enduring connection. Their authentic and supportive friendship stands as an inspiration, highlighting the strength and significance of robust platonic connections.

Mae Whitman Family Guy

  1. “The Giggity Wife” (2013): She voiced a student, a young girl, and Zuzu (Helen Keller’s friend) in this episode.
  2. “Hefty Shades of Gray” (2019): She lent her voice to Kristen, a bachelorette, in this episode.
  3. “Regarding Carter” (2018): Whitman played a waitress in this episode.
  4. Other appearances: She has also voiced various minor characters and background voices throughout the series.

Mae Whitman Voice Acting

Whitman has left an indelible mark on the world of animation, bringing to life a diverse array of characters, from the iconic Katara in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to the enchanting Tinkerbell in the Disney franchise. Her talent extends to unique roles such as Rose in “American Dragon: Jake Long” and Amity Blight in “The Owl House,” where she skillfully breathes life into both heroes and villains.

With contributions to series like “Fruits Basket” and “K-On!”, Whitman showcases her adaptability across different animation styles and cultural contexts. Venturing into the gaming realm, Whitman has made her mark with roles in popular titles such as “Injustice 2” and “Kingdom Hearts III.” Her voice adaptation prowess is evident as she seamlessly transitions between characters of varying ages and personalities, portraying anything from innocent children to cunning villains with skill and versatility.

Mae Whitman Eyebrows

Whitman possesses naturally thick eyebrows with a distinctive arched shape, framing her eyes and contributing to the expressiveness of her face. Skillfully using her eyebrows as a tool for conveying emotions, she employs a surprised arch, a furrowed brow in moments of concentration, or a playful wink, adding a layer of communication to her performances, whether on-screen or in voice work. Embracing the bold presence of her unique brows, Whitman exudes confidence and encourages others to celebrate their features.

Mae Whitman Amity

Amity initially stands as Luz’s rival, guided by her family’s expectations and personal insecurities. Throughout the series, a captivating transformation unfolds, shaping her into a loyal friend and a courageous protagonist. Amity grapples with self-doubt, fear of failure, and intricate family dynamics, and Mae Whitman skillfully portrays these vulnerabilities, rendering Amity relatable and endearing.

Beneath the angst, Amity harbors a sharp wit and a playful sense of humor, elements that Whitman seamlessly incorporates into her delivery, infusing the character with comedic charm. Whitman’s performance as Amity significantly enriches the show’s narrative, enhancing the depth of Amity’s relationships and amplifying the overall emotional impact of “The Owl House.”

Mae Whitman Roxy

The formidable roller derby queen, Roxy Richter, in Edgar Wright’s 2010 action-comedy “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” remains an unforgettable character. Feel free to let me know if you’d like an exploration of Mae Whitman’s portrayal of Roxy Richter, her rivalry with Ramona Flowers, and the overall impact of her performance in the film.

Additionally, the character Roxy also appeared in the 2008 TV movie “Good Behavior,” where Whitman depicted a troubled teenager entangled in a perilous relationship. If you’re interested in delving into this rendition of Roxy, I can provide details about the character’s arc, Whitman’s acting choices, and the context of the film itself.

Mae Whitman Friends

While not a main cast member in the iconic sitcom “Friends,” Mae Whitman did make a brief appearance in one episode. Sarah, her character, has a fleeting moment at Central Perk, engaging with Ross and Phoebe. Introduced as Ben Geller’s new girlfriend, her presence induces a sense of discomfort for Ross.

Despite the brevity of her appearance, Whitman adds a layer of humor and awkwardness to the scene. Her portrayal of Sarah as a slightly ditzy teenager effectively underscores the generation gap between Ross and Ben’s friends.

Mae Whitman Movies and TV Shows


  1. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994): Playing Meg Ryan’s youngest daughter alongside Andy Garcia, a young Mae Whitman stole hearts with her natural charm and innocence.
  2. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008): Her iconic portrayal of the strong-willed waterbender Katara cemented her place in the hearts of animation fans.
  3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012): Whitman lent her voice to Alice through narration in this coming-of-age film, adding a wistful and insightful dimension.
  4. The Duff (2015): Playing Bianca Stratford, the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend,” Whitman defied traditional rom-com stereotypes with her witty and self-assured portrayal.
  5. Good Girls (2018-2022): This dark comedy saw Whitman take on the role of Annie Marks, a teenager dealing with family drama and criminal schemes.
  6. The Owl House (2020-present): Voicing Amity Blight, a complex and evolving character, Whitman adds depth and humor to this popular animated series.

TV Shows

  1. State of Grace (2001): She played Sarah Dolan, a troubled teenager, highlighting her range and ability to tackle complex characters.
  2. Arrested Development (2004-2006, 2013): As Maeby Fünke, Whitman delivered witty lines and comedic timing, establishing her comedic talent.
  3. Parenthood (2010-2015): Whitman’s portrayal of Amber Holt, a rebellious yet relatable teenager, earned her critical acclaim and solidified her teen stardom.
  4. Teen Wolf (2011-2017): She guest-starred as Lydia Martin’s banshee friend in this supernatural drama, showing her versatility in different genres.
  5. Duffin Hill (2020-present): This animated comedy features Whitman as Lola, a sassy squirrel, displaying her comedic timing and vocal skills.

Mae Whitman Social Media Platforms

Whitman is very active on her Twitter, and Instagram, pages. She has 291.9K followers on Twitter and 1.2M followers on Instagram.


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