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Mary Davis Profile

Mary Davis is the wife of Randy Travis. Additionally, she had her high school education at Plano Senior High School and proceeded to Baylor University in Waco, TX, for her first degree.

Mary Davis Age

Mary Davis is 64 years old as of 2023. She was born on 4th May 1959 in the United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on the 14th of May every year.

Mary Davis Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Mary Davis Family

Mary Davis has neither disclosed the names of her parents nor those of her siblings as she likes to keep her personal life private. However, we will update this information as soon as it is available.

Mary Davis Husband and Children

Mary Davis was previously married to Dr. Ritchie Beougher, a Dallas cosmetic dentist. She used to work at the Willow Bend Dental office as her office manager too. Davis and Ritchie have two children: daughter Cavenaugh and son Raleigh Beougher. They divorced after rumors spread that Mary was dating one of his clients. Travis engaged Davis in early 2013. They got married two years after despite his condition.

Even when Randy still tries to form words, due to his slurred speech, Mary would speak for him in public. After he recovered a little, Randy was inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame. It was the greatest day of his musical career. Two years after Randy Travis’ stroke, the couple married in an emotional ceremony. she said. “It was one that he was gonna sing to me at the wedding, but we play it all the time and we kind of hold hands and cry.”  Mary is married to Randy Travis. They got married in 2015, in Denton, TX.

Mary Davis
Mary Davis

Mary Davis stands with her husband ( Randy Travis Stroke)

Three and a half months after Randy Travis suffered a massive stroke, the doctors advised Mary Davis to consider “pulling the plug” on the singer as there was no longer they could do to help him. Davis asked Travis if he wanted to keep fighting in a partially comatose state. “Even in his state, his semi-coma state, he squeezed my hand,” Davis said about her husband’s time on life support.” And he lay there, and I just saw this tear fall, and it was, you know, one, two at a time. And I just went back to the doctors, and I said, ‘We’re fighting this.”

Travis endured brain surgery and spent six months in the hospital after coming out of his coma. However, the near-fatal stroke had damaged his system. Thanks to Davis’s help and physical therapy, the singer learned to speak and walk again. Davis said the experience had taught them a lot about love, perseverance, and patience “You learn to love each other and adore each other in a way that was far beyond what you thought was possible. So we learned a lot about love. There wasn’t anything that I feel like was going to tear us apart,” she said.“

Mary Davis speaks for her husband

As much as I already loved this man, going through those six months in the hospital, it was just adoration for his fight, a love for that fight, and a respect for the warrior that was in there in his heart.” Since Randy Travis still struggles to form words, Mary Davis has always spoken on his behalf.

Even when Travis was inducted as the new member of The Country Music Hall of Fame, Davis delivered the country legend’s acceptance speech for him. “Today is the greatest day of Randy’s celebrated music career,” she said. “Randy wants to thank you for listening and loving him. Randy stared Death in the face, but Death blinked. Today, God’s proof of a miracle stands before you.”

Mary Davis Biography

She had her high school education at Plano Senior High School and proceeded to Baylor University in Waco, TX, for her first degree. Travis and Davis sued her hex-husband Beougher for starting a fight in a Prestonwood Baptist church. Additionally, It was reported that Travis stepped in to save Davis’ daughter from being accosted by her father and uncle, Ritchie’s brother. A few days before Christmas in 2012, Randy Travis was in Collin County court pleading not guilty to assault following the Aug. 23 fight in the Prestonwood Baptist Church parking lot. 

Randy Travis was issued with a Class C assault after a physical confrontation with his girlfriend’s estranged husband in the parking lot of a Texas church. Mary’s ex-husband and dentist Dr. Ritchie Beougher, on the other hand, said that the country superstar did much worse than inflict an “unwanted touch” upon him. Gregory Shamoun, who was the lawyer who represented Dr. Beougher in the case against Travis then said in Taste of Country that his client was kicked in the stomach over custody of Ritchie and Mary Beougher’s then 16-year-old son, who was returning from camp that day. Travis pleaded not guilty to assaulting Ritchie at the church since he was defending Davis’ daughter.

Mary Davis Net Worth

Mary Davis has an estimated annual salary of $5 million earned from her career as a celebrity’s wife.

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