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Park Bo-young Profile

Park Bo-young is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her leading roles in the hit films Scandal Makers, A Werewolf Boy, and On Your Wedding Day (2018), and the television series Oh My Ghost, Strong Girl Bong-soon.

Park Bo-young Age

Bo-Young is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 12, 1990, in Jeungpyeong-gun, South Korea. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on February 12 every year

Park Bo-young Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 2 inches tall and she weighs 104 lbs.

Park Bo-young Family

Bo-young was born in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong Province. She is the middle child among three daughters. Her father dedicated 34 years of his life to serving in the Special Forces. She graduated from Jeungpyeong Elementary School, Jeungpyeong Girls’ Middle School, Daeseong Girls’ Commercial High School, and Dankook University’s Department of Performing Arts with a major in Theatre and Film.

Park Bo-young Husband/ Boyfriend

Park Bo-young is not married. She has been linked to several actors over the years, including Park Hyung-sik, her co-star in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. However, neither actor has confirmed that they are dating. Bo-young has said that she is not interested in getting married right now.

She is focused on her career and wants to enjoy her life as a single woman. Park Bo-young may get married in the future, but she is not in a hurry to do so. She is happy with her life as it is, and she is not feeling any pressure to settle down.

Park Bo young
Park Bo-young

Park Bo-young Strong Girl Bong-soon

Bo-young starred in the 2017 South Korean television series Strong Woman Do Bong-soon as the titular character. Do Bong-soon is a young woman with superhuman strength, which she inherited from her family. She dreams of becoming a game developer, but she is forced to use her strength to protect her friends and family from harm.

Bong-soon is a kind and caring person, but she is also insecure about her strength. She is afraid of hurting people, and she wants to be seen as normal. Bong-soon’s life changes when she meets Ahn Min-hyuk, (Park Hyung-Sik) the CEO of a gaming company. Min-hyuk is impressed by Bong-soon’s strength, and he asks her to help him develop a new game. Bong-soon and Min-hyuk eventually fall in love, and they work together to protect the people of Seoul from a serial killer.

Park Bo-young Doom at Your Service

Bo-young starred in the 2021 South Korean television series Doom at Your Service as Tak Dong-kyung. Dong-kyung is a web novel editor who is struggling to make ends meet. She makes a deal with Myul Mang, a messenger between gods and humans, to grant her one wish in exchange for her life in 100 days. Dong-kyung is a kind and compassionate person, but she is also insecure and afraid of change. She is afraid of dying, but she is also afraid of living a life that is not her own.

Myul Mang is a mysterious and enigmatic character. He is known as “Doom” because he brings misfortune wherever he goes. He is also immortal, which means that he has seen and experienced all that the world has to offer. Despite their differences, Dong-kyung and Myul Mang eventually fall in love. They learn to see the world through each other’s eyes, and they help each other to grow and change.

Park Bo-young Daily Dose of Sunshine

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a 2023 South Korean web series starring Bo-young. It is a heartwarming comedy about a kind-hearted nurse who works in psychiatry and goes above and beyond to be a ray of light for those under her care, despite the challenges coming her way. The series was released on Netflix on November 3, 2023.

Park Bo-young Net Worth

Bo-young has an estimated annual Net worth of $ 5 million to $ 15 million earned from her career as an Actress.

Park Bo-young Social Media Platforms

Bo-young is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 6.5kk followers on Twitter, 3.4M followers on Instagram, and 1M followers on Facebook.

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