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Raúl Álvarez Genes Profile

Raúl Álvarez Genes better known as AuronPlay or simply Auron, is a Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and comedian. As of February 2023, AuronPlay’s YouTube channel has over 4 billion total video views, and he is the fourth most-subscribed YouTuber from Spain, with over 29.2 million subscribers. 

Raúl Álvarez Genes Age

He is 35 years of age as of 2023. Álvarez was born on 5 November 1988, in Badalona Spain. He celebrates his birthday on 5 November every year.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Height

He stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Education

AuronPlay began creating videos at a young age, demonstrating an early fascination with technology and online platforms. While his educational background regarding tech or media studies is not publicly disclosed, his achievements on YouTube and Twitch highlight his adeptness in communication and storytelling. These skills suggest a solid foundation in language and communication, which could have been honed through formal education or personal endeavors.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Family

Álvarez has neither disclosed the names of his parents nor those of his siblings as he likes to keep his personal life private. However, we will update this information as soon as it is available.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Wife

Álvarez, known as AuronPlay on both YouTube and Twitch, is currently unmarried and does not have a wife. He has chosen to keep his romantic relationships private and has not made any public statements confirming any involvement with anyone else. Instead, he prioritizes his career and values spending time with his close circle of friends and family.

Raul Alvarez Genes
Raul Alvarez Genes

Raúl Álvarez Genes Girlfriend

Álvarez, the Spanish content creator known as AuronPlay on YouTube and Twitch, was involved in a significant relationship with fellow streamer Sara Moledo, also known as Biyín, from 2013 to 2021. Their relationship endured a brief breakup in 2015, followed by reconciliation shortly thereafter. However, they publicly announced their final separation in February 2021.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Children

Genes, popularly known as AuronPlay, do not have any children. Although he was in a long-term relationship with streamer Sara Moledo (Biyín) from 2013 to 2021, they did not have any children together. Since their separation, AuronPlay has not publicly indicated any involvement with another partner, and there is no information to suggest that he has fathered any children.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Career

Álvarez, known online as AuronPlay, established his YouTube channel in 2006. The alias AuronPlay is inspired by the character Auron from the video game Final Fantasy X. Initially, he masked his face in his early videos but later abandoned this practice.

While some sources suggest that his oldest surviving video, titled “Mis aficiones” (My hobbies), dates back to October 21, 2009, it’s not his first video, as he has since removed older content. He gained traction in 2012 with his “video-reviews.”

In a 2015 interview with Risto Mejide, he revealed that he began creating YouTube content as a hobby, aiming to inject humor into internet videos through commentary. In January 2018, he posted his most popular video to date, “El niño más pesado de YouTube” (YouTube’s most annoying kid).

Throughout 2020, his video uploads became less frequent until November, when he published his last video on his main AuronPlay channel, shifting his focus entirely to his secondary channel and Twitch. He launched his Twitch channel in September 2019, where he streams gaming and social content.

By November 2021, he ranked as the second most prominent streamer on Twitch, trailing only behind Ninja, and currently holds the second-highest number of followers on the platform. In May 2020, he joined the Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server Spain RP, portraying the character Gustabo alongside other streamers.

However, they ceased playing on the server in August when it closed, and subsequently, he initiated a new server named Infamous RP in September. In September 2020, during one of his live streams, he received a 24-minute suspension from Twitch after watching wedding-related videos, including one featuring a child displaying inappropriate behavior.

Although Twitch did not specify the reason for the ban, media outlets speculated it was due to that particular video. In April 2021, he participated in Marbella Vice, a roleplay server created by Ibai Llanos and CooLifeGame, which became one of the most-watched events on Twitch. According to Streams Charts, Álvarez is recognized as one of the most prominent Spanish-speaking streamers on Twitch.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Net Worth

Álvarez Genes, better known as AuronPlay, hasn’t officially disclosed his exact net worth, estimates put it in the range of $4 million to USD 5 million. This figure is based on various factors, including YouTube Earnings, Twitch Streaming, Book Sales, and Brand Deals.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Books

Álvarez has authored numerous autobiographical books, with the first one being introduced at the 2016 Madrid Book Fair. Collaborating with Spanish YouTuber Wismichu, Álvarez participated in live performances organized by the production company YouPlanet.

Their first show took place in 2015 at the Cervantes Theater in Málaga. Subsequently, they performed at the Teatro de la Laboral in Gijon later that same year, followed by another show in 2016 at the Teatro Afundación in Vigo.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Tatoos

He has mentioned that he got his first tattoo at the age of 18. One of his notable tattoos is a large black and white skull on his left arm, symbolizing his acceptance of mortality and fearlessness towards death. On his right arm, he has a koi fish tattoo, signifying strength and resilience.

Additionally, a rose tattoo on his chest reflects his affection for family and friends, while a cross tattoo on his back represents his faith. The sleeve of stars on his left arm embodies his dreams and aspirations.AuronPlay’s tattoos serve as a reflection of his personality and beliefs, serving as constant reminders of his life journey and the values dear to him.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Interviews

In 2018, he hosted several interviews with various YouTubers and streamers under the Flooxer brand, which is owned by Atresmedia. Some of the personalities he interviewed included Lolito and Ibai Llanos. In 2020, he continued his collaboration with the same platform by presenting the series “Ritmo Cardíaco,” where the concept involved making guests nervous. The first episode, featuring Hamza Zaidi, was simultaneously uploaded on his main channel and Flooxer on March 15, 2020.

Raúl Álvarez Genes Donations

In March 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Álvarez contributed by donating seven thousand masks to the Institut Català de la Salut, which is part of the Catalan health system. Later that year, he conducted a live broadcast to raise funds for the Spanish Federation of Food Banks.

The broadcast successfully garnered approximately €101,000, surpassing the initial fundraising goal of €80,000. Additionally, in December of the same year, he launched a line of masks called Auron Mask for sale.

Raúl Álvarez Genes YouTube

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Raúl Álvarez Genes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Álvarez is very active on his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. He has 20.5M followers on Twitter, 18.3M followers on Instagram, and 29.1M followers on YouTube.

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