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Sara Burkett  Profile

Sara Burkett is an American Reality television personality and competitor in the reality show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel. Burkett is a participant in both of these shows.

Sara Burkett Age

Burkett was born on 10th August in the United States of America. She has not revealed the years of her birth. She celebrates her birthday on 10th August every year. Our research is ongoing and information regarding her year of birth will be updated.

Sara Burkett Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Sara Burkett Family

Burkett Sara is the daughter of Linda (mom). She has five siblings and one of them, Jon, is likewise a nearby big name in Missouri. She went ahead and finished her advanced degree from James Madison University in 2001 and learned at Brainco-The Minneapolis School of Advertising and Design. Burkett has neither disclosed the names of her parents nor those of her siblings as she likes to keep her personal life private. However, we will update this information as soon as it is available.

Sara Burkett Husband

Burkett is happily married to her husband Bryan Burkett. The duo is blessed with two children, Bentley Burkett, and Austyn Burkett. According to one of her Facebook posts her son celebrated his 12th birthday on 8th March 2022. She likes to keep her personal life private hence, she has not disclosed any information about her husband and children. However, research is ongoing and we will update this information as soon as it is available.

Sara Burkett Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen

In Sunday’s episode of Naked and Afraid, Burkett, a double cross survivor, fights for pardoning. For 21 days, the show’s members are left in a wild region. This time, Bulent Gurcan, who is likewise searching for recovery, was matched with Sara. Sara has endurance capacities, for example, contact fire making, creature following, hunting, and building straightforward asylums. Montana’s breezy and snow-covered mountains are one of the most difficult places at any point endeavored, and 12 candidates are set there during this season.

Sara Burkett
Sara Burkett

They must make their shelter and find their food. The only thing they have with them is one choice item and a partner, who is chosen for them by producers. This time around, Sara was partnered with Bulent Gurcan, who is also seeking redemption. This time around, Sara wants to make it the full 21 days. Instead of Panama, she and Bulent will be surviving in Mexico.

While she’s ready to go, her biggest challenge might be the same person who’s helping her survive. Previews of Sunday’s episode show Sara and Bulent sparring over eating snails and Bulent saying he’d hate to have a partner who was a millennial who learned about survival through YouTube videos.

Sara Burkett Eye injury

At the point when Sara first showed up in the series, she had to end the outing right on time because of an eye injury she supported while climbing in Panama with Kate Wentworth. On Day 12, she was tapped out because of a previous physical issue with that eye. Her eye was delicate to light, and she was unable to open it without torment. She was told to get back by a progression of doctors. In any case, she risked for all time harming her eye.

Sara Burkett Relationship with Bulent

Sara hadn’t seen the episode yet, but she wanted to emphasize that there were good moments between herself and Bulent. “People are seeing 45 minutes of over 500 hours. We had our good moments, we laughed, we talked,” she said. They tolerated each other during the challenge, but Bulent and Sara were able to get past their differences once they went back home.

“We have mutual respect for one another and we’re good friends now but in a survival situation, we did not see eye-to-eye on pretty much anything,” Sara told in an exclusive interview. “He saw things differently than I did. There was a lot of friction. We didn’t talk very much so when we did talk it just seemed like we were butting heads.”

One of the problems was how they communicated with each other. But, she also, Sara had a hard time asking Bulent to help her. Aside from having different backgrounds, Sara and Bulent also have different approaches when it comes to survival. Sara is constantly on the go and trying to get as much done as possible, while it’s more important for Bulent to remain calm and relaxed under extreme circumstances.

Burkett Relationship with Bulent

While Sara was out during the day collecting firewood, she wanted Bulent to keep their fire going. When that didn’t happen, it caused a point of contention. That type of dynamic hampered their relationship, with Sara saying the experience would have been easier if she and Bulent had bonded.

“In my first episode with Kate, we made a bond that Bulent and I never did. I didn’t want to say it was the age difference between us, because it’s not that big, but I just think we come from two different worlds,” she reasoned.

Sara Burkett Regrets

It’s that she didn’t try hard enough to work on her relationship with Bulent. “I could have tried to get along better with my partner. My emotions and anxiety get in the way a lot, so I do regret not trying as hard to get along with him,” she said. Overall, she reasoned it’s easy to look back and say what you should have done better.

“I’m pretty pleased with what we did accomplish,” she added. Since her second experience was different than her first, she was worried about what the reaction would be like to her episode. “I’m very nervous about how I’m going to be portrayed this time. Because in my first episode, I come off extremely nice, like a sweet Southern person,” she said. “This time you see my attitude and that worries me a bit.”

Sara Burkett Net Worth

Burkett has an estimated annual net worth of $ 1 million to $3 million earned from her career as a Reality television personality and competitor.

Sara Burkett Social Media Platforms

Burkett is very active on her Instagram and Facebook pages. She has 1.3k followers on Instagram and 823 followers on Facebook.

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