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Shawnee Smith Profile

Shawnee Smith is an American actress who began her career at a young age. She made her feature film debut at 11 years old in “Annie” (1982). A few years later, she made her stage debut in “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday” (1984), for which she won a Drama-League Critics Award. In the late 1980s, she appeared in smaller roles before landing parts in “The Blob” (1988) and “Who’s Harry Crumb?” (1989).

Shawnee Smith Age

As of 2024, Smith is 55 years old, she was born on July 3, 1969, in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in the United States of America. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on July 3 every year.

Shawnee Smith Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Shawnee Smith Education

Smith’s formal education appears to be limited to high school. She attended North Hollywood High School in California and graduated in 1987.

Shawnee Smith Parents

Smith’s parents are Patricia Ann and James H. Smith. Her mother was an oncology nurse and her father was a financial planner and former US Air Force pilot. When she was five months old, her family relocated from South Carolina to West Los Angeles, California. Her parents divorced when she was two years old and her mother remarried five years later when they moved to San Fernando Valley.

Shawnee Smith Siblings

Publicly available information about Smith’s siblings is currently unavailable. She may have siblings who choose to remain private, or there may not be any information available online.

Shawnee Smith
Shawnee Smith

Shawnee Smith Husband

Shawnee Smith has been married twice but currently is not married. Smith was married to photographer Jason Reposar. They have a daughter, born in 1999. She was later married to musician Kai Mattoon; they divorced and have a son, born in 2005.

Shawnee Smith Children

Smith has three children. Her daughter Verve Reposar was born in 1999 from her marriage to photographer Jason Reposar. Her son Jakson Mattoon was born in 2005 from her brief marriage to musician Kai Mattoon. She also has a third son whose name and birthdate have not been publicly disclosed.

Shawnee Smith Debut Career

Smith began her TV career at the age of eight with a debut in a McDonald’s business. By age eleven, she had made her characteristic movie debut in John Huston’s 1982 version of the Broadway musical Annie, gambling one of the fellow orphans of Annie Bennett Warbucks. At age 12, she showcased her making a song talent on The Merv Griffin Show.

When she was 15, she landed her first-degree role in the Los Angeles play To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. During rehearsals, co-star Richard Dreyfuss identified her capacity and counseled her to accept a main role, which led to her winning the Drama-League Critics Award for her performance.

In 1989, Smith had a supporting function in the movie Who’s Harry Crumb? playing a teen who facilitates the titular individual, played with the aid of John Candy, discovers her kidnapped sister. That same year, she co-starred with Jennie Garth and Barbara Eden in the TV series Brand New Life. The following 12 months, she appeared in Michael Cimino’s mystery remake Desperate Hours.

Smith took a three-year hiatus from acting in the early 1990s due to trouble locating roles that matched her age and enjoyment. She lowered back to television with a visitor look on the two hundredth episode of Murder, She Wrote in 1993. The subsequent year, she portrayed Julie Lawry in the TV miniseries The Stand, based totally on Stephen King’s novel. In 1994, she appeared in an episode of The X-Files titled “Firewalker”, gambling the person Jessie O’Neil.

In 1998, Smith was cast as Linda in the CBS sitcom Becker, playing the workplace aide of Dr. John Becker, portrayed with the aid of Ted Danson. The show garnered high scores, leading CBS to order a complete season. She remained a chief individual in the course of the display’s six seasons till it resulted in 2004.

Shawnee Smith Net Worth

Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Shawnee Smith Career

In 2003, she lent her voice to an episode of the Disney cartoon “Kim Possible” as Vivian Porter. That same year, she was cast in James Wan’s low-finance horror film “Saw” as Amanda Young. Despite the small position and filming while combating the flu, she finished her scene in one day. Initially deliberate for an immediate-to-video launch, the film’s fantastic take-a-look at screenings in March 2004 led Lionsgate to release it theatrically in October.

“Saw” became a box office achievement, grossing $103 million worldwide. She reprised her function in “Saw II” (2005), “Saw III” (2006), “Saw VI” (2009), and “Saw X” (2023). The “Saw” franchise became one of the maximum-grossing horror franchises, with an income of over $1 billion internationally by 2021.

In 2006, Smith appeared in a 10-minute quick film trailer for “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. This trailer was created to pitch the film idea to manufacturers after completing “Saw III.” In 2007, she formed a country rock tune institution with actress Missi Pyle known as Smith & Pyle, freeing their first album, “It’s OK to Be Happy,” digitally in 2008.

In 2008, Smith performed Detective Gina Harcourt within the FEARnet original series “30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust,” in which she also served as executive producer. The collection premiered on July 17 with six webisodes. She hosted and was considered one of three mentors on the VH1 reality TV collection “Scream Queens,” which aired from October to December 2008.

Due to scheduling conflicts, she did not go back for the second season which turned into change with the aid of Jaime King. Smith additionally performed the role of Dr. Sullivan, a baby psychiatrist, in “The Grudge Three,” which turned into released direct-to-video on May 12, 2009.

Shawnee Smith Law & Order: Los Angeles

Smith was regarded in the series foremost of Law & Order: Los Angeles titled “Hollywood” on September 29, 2010. In 2012, she took on her first voice position in the video game Lollipop Chainsaw. From 2012 to 2014, Smith starred as Jennifer Goodson, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen’s individual, in the TV series Anger Management.

She supplied vocals for a cover of Steve Miller Band’s “Abracadabra” by way of Eagles of Death Metal after Jesse Hughes heard her singing the song in a studio lavatory. This cover turned into launched in 2019. Smith co-starred with Dean Winters in the 2021 indie comedy movie Christmas vs. The Walters. She reprised her position as Amanda Young in Saw X, released in September 2023, and is ready to celebrity in the horror film Bloodline Killer in April 2024.

Shawnee Smith Saw

Smith plays the character Amanda Young in the Saw film series. Amanda starts as a seemingly random victim of the Jigsaw Killer in the first movie but evolves into a more complex character throughout the series. Smith did indeed reprise her role as Amanda Young in Saw X, which was released in 2023. This movie serves as a prequel to the events of Saw III.

This gives us a chance to see a different side of Amanda’s character and her relationship with Jigsaw. The film explores the development of her loyalty to Jigsaw and even hints at the seeds of dissent that would eventually lead to their conflict. Smith’s performance in Saw X is considered to be one of her most memorable.

Shawnee Smith To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

Smith’s breakout role was actually in the stage play “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday” at the young age of 15. Her talent was recognized by her co-star, and she even won a Drama-League Critics Award for her performance! Smith’s success in this play helped launch her acting career.

Shawnee Smith Christmas vs. the Walters

Smith stars in the Christmas comedy film “Christmas vs. the Walters” (2021). She plays the lead character, Diane Walters, a stressed-out mom expecting a third child while trying to create the perfect Christmas for her family. Despite their love for each other, the Walters family is dysfunctional, and hilarity ensues as Christmas chaos unfolds.

Shawnee Smith Bloodline Killer

Smith stars in the recently released horror-thriller film “Bloodline Killer” (2024). She portrays Moira Cole, a character struggling to rebuild her life after a horrific family tragedy. Moira is the lead character, a woman struggling to rebuild her life after a horrific event involving her family and a murderous cousin. The movie explores the trauma Moira endures and how her past keeps resurfacing.

Shawnee Smith Movies and TV Shows

Movies and Films

  • Saw Franchise (2004-2023): Smith is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Amanda Young in the slasher horror franchise “Saw”. She appeared in the original film and its sequels, Saw II (2005), Saw III (2006), Saw VI (2009), and most recently, Saw X (2023).
  • The Blob (1988): Smith had a breakout role as a teenager opposite Kevin Dillon in this remake of the classic 1958 sci-fi horror film.
  • Summer School (1987): This teen comedy featured Smith alongside a young cast that included Ferris Bueller’s Matthew Broderick.
  • Leaving Las Vegas (1995): Smith played a prostitute in this critically acclaimed drama starring Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue.
  • Armageddon (1998): This big-budget disaster flick featured Smith in a small role alongside Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.
  • Anger Management (2012-2014): Smith played Charlie Sheen’s love interest in this sitcom based on the Adam Sandler film of the same name.
  • Christmas vs. the Walters (2021): Smith co-starred in this recent holiday comedy film.

TV Shows/Television

  • The Stand (1994): Smith appeared in this miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel.
  • The X-Files (1993): Smith guest-starred in an episode of this long-running sci-fi series.
  • Law & Order: LA (2010): Smith had a recurring role in this police procedural drama.
  • Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2012): Smith played a recurring role as the principal’s wife in this teen drama.
  • City on Fire (2023): Smith starred in this recent crime drama series.

Shawnee Smith Social Media Platforms

Smith is very active on her X, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 5.8k followers on X, 51.1k followers on Instagram, and 25k followers on Facebook.

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