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Zach King  Profile

Zach King is an American internet personality based in Los Angeles. He is most known for his “magic vines,” which are six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic. He began posting videos on YouTube in 2008 and in 2013 he started posting videos to Vine. King posted his first video to TikTok in 2016 and has since attracted over 90 million followers, making him the sixth most-followed individual on the platform.

Zach King Age

He is 34 years of age as of 2024. King was born in 1990 in Portland, Oregon in the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year.

Zach King Height

He stands at an average height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Zach King Ethnicity

He is of mixed heritage, with one-half Chinese ancestry from his father and one-quarter each of Austrian and Nicaraguan ancestry from his mother.

Zach King Education

King pursued his higher education at Biola University, a private Christian institution situated in La Mirada, California. In December 2012, he completed his studies, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Media Arts. This educational background provided him with the necessary expertise and capabilities to follow his passion for filmmaking and visual effects, skills he later demonstrated in his well-received online content.

Zach King Family

Rachel King educated Zach and his three sisters, among whom one is adopted, through homeschooling while their father operated from their home office. Additionally, Rachel serves as a case manager specializing in adoptive and foster care. During Zach’s upbringing, David King also worked from their home office. Notably, Zach and his family have opted to maintain privacy about their parents.

Zach King
Zach King

Zach King Wife

Zach’s spouse is Rachel King (formerly Holm). They tied the knot in 2014, having met at Biola University, a non-denominational Christian institution. Rachel is a supportive companion and frequently joins forces with Zach on his creative projects. They even participated as a team on “The Amazing Race” in 2016, securing the 6th position. Presently, the couple lives in California with their three children.

Zach King Children

King and his spouse, Rachel, are parents to three children. Mason, their eldest son, was adopted into the family. Liam, their second son, is their biological child. Emerson, their daughter, was also adopted and was born in 2023. Additionally, the couple has provided foster care to other children, showcasing their dedication to assisting families and children facing challenges.

Zach King Career

King’s professional journey is a fascinating blend of entrepreneurship, digital content creation, and filmmaking. In 2008, he initiated his website,, aimed at offering tutorials and guidance on utilizing Final Cut Pro, a software lacking accessible tutorials at the time.

Concurrently, he utilized his YouTube channel to provide visual effects tutorials, complementing the website’s content. This approach not only attracted an audience but also enabled him to sell training seminars, the proceeds of which supported his college education.

In 2012, King showcased his talent on the reality show “Viral Video Showdown,” highlighting his knack for crafting viral content. The pivotal year of 2013 saw him delving into short, six-second videos on the now-defunct platform Vine.

His “magic vines,” featuring intricate editing to create illusions, swiftly garnered immense popularity, solidifying his status as an exceptional digital content creator. Moreover, King expanded his horizons by venturing into writing and directing short films and commercials for prominent brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s, showcasing his broader filmmaking aspirations.

Presently, he remains active primarily on YouTube and TikTok, continually producing captivating and mind-bending content, amassing millions of followers, and retaining a prominent position in the digital content creation realm.

Despite his busy career, King prioritizes his role as a dedicated husband and father to his three children. Additionally, he established the Zach King Team, a creative studio aiding him in content production and potential collaborations with other creators.

Zach King Net Worth

King’s net worth, ranges from $6.5 million to $16 million. It’s important to note that net worth is an estimated figure, and the exact amount can be challenging to pinpoint due to factors like fluctuating income, investments, and personal spending habits.

Did Zach King Die?

No, Zach King is alive and well. There have been false rumors and hoaxes circulating online about his death, but these are untrue. He continues to be active on social media and create content.

Zach King Magic

King’s expertise lies not in traditional magic, but in digital sleight of hand. Employing ingenious editing techniques and video effects, he crafts illusions that simulate magic tricks. His renowned “magic vines,” brief six-second videos on the now-defunct Vine platform, propelled him to superstardom.

Zach King Youtube

King’s YouTube channel is a thriving platform where he entertains, inspires, and ignites curiosity through his unique brand of visual magic.

Zach King TikTok

King’s TikTok presence is a vibrant space where he entertains, inspires, and sparks amusement through his short-form magical creations.

Where Does Zach King Live

While I cannot disclose King’s precise residence, it is publicly known that he is located in Los Angeles, California. Although he has previously mentioned residing in Rossmoor, California, out of respect for his privacy, it is advisable not to divulge specific details about his living arrangements.

Zach King Zootopia

Although he is renowned for his online video magic and content creation, it’s important to clarify that he was not directly engaged in the production of Zootopia (2016) as an actor or voice actor. These speculations are unfounded despite certain online rumors and fan theories suggesting his involvement. Thus, while Zach King is undeniably a creative individual with a substantial online presence, his association with Zootopia lacks a factual basis.

Zach King Book

King is the author of a trilogy of children’s books titled “Zach King: My Magical Life”. The books are a fictionalized account of Zach’s experiences as a middle schooler who discovers he has magical powers.

  1. Zach King: My Magical Life: This book introduces Zach, a homeschooled boy who starts attending public school for the first time. He soon discovers he has magical powers, but struggles to control them.
  2. The Magical Mix-Up: In the second book, Zach’s magical powers are on the fritz, and he accidentally swaps bodies with his best friend, Frankie.
  3. Mirror Magic: The final book in the trilogy sees Zach facing his biggest challenge yet. He must use his magic to defeat an evil villain trying to steal his powers and take over the world.

Zach King Vines

King gained prominence by showcasing his creative illusions in short-form videos on the now-defunct platform Vine. Referred to as “magic vines,” these videos mesmerized audiences with their mind-bending illusions, achieved through adept editing and visual effects.

While Vine is no longer active, Zach King’s legacy on the platform remains significant. His “magic vines” continue to be enjoyed by many, serving as a testament to his creativity and innovation in the digital content creation space.

Zach King Logo

King’s logo is a straightforward yet instantly recognizable design, featuring a stylized letter “Z” adorned with a crown atop, commonly referred to as the “Z-Crown” logo. This logo is crafted to be versatile and adaptable for diverse applications, including merchandise, social media profiles, and website branding. It mirrors the playful and imaginative essence of Zach King’s content and brand.

Zach King Magic Tricks

King is known for his mesmerizing magic tricks, often showcased in his captivating online videos. His illusions typically involve clever editing techniques and visual effects, creating the appearance of seemingly impossible feats.

From transforming objects to defying gravity, King’s magic tricks continually astound and entertain audiences around the world.

Zach King Amazing Race

In 2016, King and his wife, Rachel Holm, joined the cast of Season 28 of the reality show “The Amazing Race.” Their participation not only brought an exhilarating experience to their lives but also highlighted their talents beyond their typical online content niche.

Zach King Grimace Shake

The “Zach King Grimace Shake” isn’t attributed to a particular illusion or video by Zach King himself. Rather, it seems to be a trend or phenomenon associated with the well-known McDonald’s character Grimace and the current surge of milkshakes as a social media trend.

Zach King Baseball

There isn’t concrete evidence directly connecting him to professional baseball or competitive play in the sport. King’s main focus has centered on crafting digital content, such as magic tricks, illusions, and creative videos.

He gained widespread recognition for his contributions on Vine and YouTube channels. Hence, it’s reasonable to conclude that Zach King’s professional endeavors and public image haven’t been notably tied to baseball.

Is Zach King a Christian?

King is vocal about his Christian faith, openly identifying as a Christian. Raised in a Christian household and having attended Biola University, a private evangelical Christian institution, he often emphasizes the significance of his faith in his life.

In interviews and on social media, King discusses his beliefs, incorporating Christian themes and messages into some of his videos. He regards his creativity as a gift from God and endeavors to utilize his platform for positive and uplifting purposes.

Zach King Merch

For genuine Zach King merchandise, the official store stands as the most dependable source, guaranteeing quality products directly from his team. Periodically, the store presents limited-edition items and collections, encouraging regular check-ins for those intrigued by unique offerings.

Occasionally, King collaborates with other brands or creators, resulting in distinctive merchandise. Following his social media accounts provides updates on such collaborations. While the official store remains the principal source, third-party retailers may also carry Zach King-related merchandise.

Nevertheless, verifying the authenticity and quality of products is essential when purchasing from non-official sources.

Zach King Movies

King is primarily known for his short-form video content on platforms like YouTube and Vine, he has also been involved in a few movies and television projects. Here’s a breakdown of his involvement in movies:

  1. Stranded (2019): This short film, written and directed by Zach King, is a sci-fi adventure about an astronaut stranded on a deserted planet.
  2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – The Trailer Rescue (2017): This short film was created by Zach King for Universal Pictures as a promotional tie-in for the movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”
  3. First to the Gate (2022): This comedy short film features Zach King and features a humorous airport travel scenario.

Zach King Social Media Platforms

King is very active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 338K followers on Twitter, 29.3M followers on Instagram, and 8.6M followers on Facebook.

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