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Eddie Liu Profile

Eddie Liu is a Chinese American actor who was born in Queens, New York to Chinese immigrant parents, by way of India. Currently, he is appearing in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever as Steve.

Eddie Liu Age

Liu was born in 1994 in Queens, New York, United States of America. He is 29 years old as of 2023. However, he has not revealed the date and the month of his birth therefore information on when he celebrates his birthday is unavailable. We will update this information as soon as it is available.

Eddie Liu Height

He stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Eddie Liu Family

Liu was born in Queens, New York, and grew up on Long Island. His parents immigrated to the United States from India. During his childhood, Liu remained active by engaging in martial arts training and participating in school sports. After they arrived in New York City, the family established a small business. Eddie, who also grew up on Long Island, was an active student involved in school sports, clubs, and martial arts training with his brother. They belong to the Hakka Chinese community.

Eddie Liu Education

He attended Hofstra University where he sought creative outlets to explore his artistic side.  He graduated with a degree in public relations, he studied acting at the renowned William Esper Studio in New York City. While completing the acting program at Esper, Liu began accumulating commercial credits and theater experience. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Eddie Liu Girlfriend

Liu has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lindsey Marie Wilson, since 2021. They first crossed paths in California in 2018 and quickly became a couple. Lindsey is an actress known for her roles in TV shows like Criminal Minds and UnReal, as well as various commercials.

Eddie Liu
Eddie Liu

Both of them being aspiring actors in a city teeming with talent helped them connect, eventually leading to a romantic relationship. According to information found on Lindsey Marie Wilson’s Instagram, they officially became a couple on November 9, 2018. This confirms that they have been together for more than two years, marking their second anniversary in 2020.

Eddie Liu Never Have I Ever

Liu is an American actor known for his role as Steve on Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever.” In the show, Steve is depicted as a supportive and caring boyfriend to Kamala. Throughout the first season, Kamala is determined to explore her relationships and personal freedom, even though she faces the prospect of an arranged marriage to a man she has never met.

As the season unfolds, Kamala realizes that she isn’t ready to commit to marriage with anyone at this point in her life. She desires to live life on her terms. It is only after discovering that her intended spouse, Prashant, is a kind and genuinely caring individual that she decides to end her relationship with Steve. Despite the good memories they shared, Kamala moved on from her first boyfriend. Ultimately, she chooses to date Prashant without rushing into marriage, opting to take her time to explore their relationship.

Eddie Liu  Career

Eddie Liu’s journey in the entertainment industry began with a recurring role on HBO’s acclaimed show, Silicon Valley, and a guest-starring appearance on Comedy Central’s Broad City and Time Traveling Bong. However, his breakthrough came with the popular Netflix series Never Have I Ever, created by Mindy Kaling. Interestingly, his foray into acting wasn’t a conventional one.

Eddie’s initial exposure to acting came when his sociology professor recommended him to a colleague who was in search of Asian actors for an on-campus theater production. This experience ignited his passion for acting. Initially majoring in public relations for career stability, Eddie continued to pursue acting on the side, commuting to Manhattan for auditions.

As he was about to graduate with a degree in public relations, Eddie made a life-changing decision to follow his true calling. He was accepted into the acting program at the renowned William Esper Studio in New York City. Subsequently, he embarked on his acting career in Los Angeles, where he gradually built his portfolio through commercials and small theater productions. Notably, he gained recognition for his role in HBO’s Silicon Valley and his portrayal of Steve Lee in Mindy Kaling’s eagerly awaited Netflix comedy series, Never Have I Ever.

Eddie Liu Kung Fu

Henry Yan is a Tai Chi instructor at the San Francisco Chinatown Community Center and a Chinese Art History graduate student at UCSF. His passion for Ancient Chinese history is evident, and he sees it as a way to bring historical stories to life. This fascination with the magical mythology of the past excites him.

Henry’s expertise in Ancient Chinese history and folklore becomes valuable when Nicky Shen encounters ancient Chinese supernatural forces. Their initial meeting sparks instant chemistry, garnering the attention of onlookers. Henry later reveals the mystical potential of a weapon in the possession of Zhilan Zhang. Throughout the season, Henry undergoes personal growth and takes on a more active role in missions. He also grapples with complex family issues.

Eddie Liu Movies and TV Shows

  • Kungfu.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • Tim Travelling Bong.
  • Big wave Bandits.
  • Mob Busters.
  • The Source.
  • The Martial Artist.
  • Crooked Hill.
  • The waiting room. 1

Eddie Liu Net Worth

Liu has an estimated annual Net Worth of $ 500,000 to $1 million earned from his career as an Actor.

Eddie Liu Social Media Platforms

Liu is very active on his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. He has 6.2k followers on Twitter, 59.1K followers on Instagram, and 5.2k followers on Facebook.

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