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Ky Furneaux Profile

Ky Furneaux is an Australian outdoor guide, TV host, and stuntperson. Additionally, she is a reality TV star who has been on reality shows. She is one of the cast in the running Naked And Afraid TV series on the Discovery Channel. Additionally, she is known best for her Outback Lockdown, Blindspot, and Thor.

Ky Furneaux Age

Furneaux is 50 years old as of 2023. She was born on 29th October 1973, in Adelaide, Australia. She celebrates her birthday on 29th October every year.

Ky Furneaux Height

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Ky Furneaux Family

Furneaux, was born in Adelaide, Australia. Her parents, Peter and Loy Burford, both enjoyed careers as educators before retiring. Additionally, Kylie is the younger of two siblings, with her older sister Shauna pursuing a career as a Business Consultant.

At the age of 19, Kylie endured a life-altering car accident that resulted in a fractured spine. Her doctor delivered a discouraging prognosis, suggesting that she would experience limited mobility for the remainder of her life. Undeterred, after a year of rigorous physical therapy, she made an impressive recovery, regaining her active lifestyle. In response, she decided to channel her passion for nature by becoming an outdoor team leader for a venture corporation.

Ky Furneaux Husband

Furneaux likes to keep her personal life private hence, she has not disclosed any information about her relationship status. However, research is ongoing and we will update this information as soon as it is available.

Ky Furneaux
Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen

In 2012, she achieved an outstanding feat by winning a Taurus Award, often regarded as the Oscars of the stunt industry. Her accolade was for the title of Best Female Stunt Performer in the world. Furneaux’s remarkable career involves doubling for renowned stars such as Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Jaime Alexander, and Sharon Stone.

In addition, she has made significant contributions to some of the most extreme TV survival shows ever produced, serving as a co-host, producer, and active participant. Her journey to success is all the more awe-inspiring when considering her humble origins, having grown up in the remote landscapes of South Australia. For over seven years, she devoted her efforts to Ventures, steadfastly pursuing her passion.

Notably, her appearance on the reality series “Naked and Afraid” showcased her leadership skills as she guided the group through a range of challenging activities, including sailing, kayaking, high ropes climbing, and rappelling. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her participation in even more daring and thrilling adventures. Ky has further expanded her horizons by taking on hosting roles for programs like MTV’s “Made,” “The World Out There,” and “Hike of Survival.”

Ky Furneaux Biography

In 1999, a visit to her sister Shauna in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, sparked Furneaux’s curiosity about changing her career path. This led her to make the life-changing decision to relocate to Vancouver, where she embarked on intensive training in martial arts, gymnastics, stunt driving, and high falls.

Her goal was to venture into the world of stunt work. Her journey in the realm of stunts commenced with her first job on the TV series “Andromeda.” However, her breakthrough moment arrived when she was selected for stunt work alongside Sharon Stone in “Catwoman.”

Since the year 2000, Furneaux has consistently and actively contributed to both TV and film, including a steady stream of stunt work for Jaimie Alexander. The partnership began during their time working together on “Kyle XY” and continues on NBC’s popular series “Blindspot.”

Ky’s impressive career in Hollywood has spanned 16 years as a dedicated stuntwoman. Notably, she earned recognition with the Taurus Stunt Award in 2012, often referred to as the Oscars of the stunt industry, for her exceptional contributions in “Thor” as Jaimie Alexander’s stunt double.

Recent projects have included involvement in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “The Bridge,” and “Sons of Anarchy.” Her extensive list of Hollywood heavyweights she has doubled for includes Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, and Camilla Belle.

Ky Furneaux Career

Earning recognition and praise from the world’s most renowned adventurer and survivalist is a significant accomplishment for Furneaux. Her journey has been marked by a car accident at the age of nineteen that left her with a back injury, accompanied by a bleak prognosis of limited physical activity.

However, what brings Ky the greatest satisfaction is her unwavering confidence in her ability to confront any challenge life presents. She takes immense pride in her identity as a fighter, both on and off the screen.

In addition to her career in stunts, Furneaux has delved into the realm of hosting, returning to her survivalist roots by producing and co-hosting “Hike for Survival.” This epic 100-mile expedition took them across the Sierra Nevada, carrying nothing but a pocket knife.

Her diverse portfolio also includes projects like “The World Out There” and MTV’s “Made,” where she took on the role of coaching a teenager eager to acquire outdoor survival skills. Furneaux’s appearances extend to the Discovery Channel’s hit series “Naked and Afraid,” notably in the episode “Beware the Bayou.”

Ky Furneaux Book

In March 2014, Furneaux’s first book debuted. Published by Penguin Australia, Girl’s Own Survival Guide is a fun read for women to help them be proactive in any situation, from a broken stiletto to foraging for food in the wilderness. The U.S. titled The Superwoman’s Survival Guide, was released in April 2014.

Ky Furneaux stunt and Casted Movies

  1. Known For. Outback Lockdown Self (2020)
  2. Blindspot Stunts (2015-2016)
  3. Thor Stunts (2011)
  4. Naked and Afraid Self-Survivalist (2013-2020)
  5. Actress. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (2014)
  6. Actress. Masters of Horror Loopy Girl #3 (2005)
  7. Stunts. Blindspot (2015-2016)
  8. Sons of Anarchy (2014)

Ky Furneaux Net Worth

Furneaux has an estimated annual net worth of $ 1 million to $5 million earned from her career as a Survivor, outdoor guide, TV host, and stuntperson

Ky Furneaux Social Media Platforms

Furneaux is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 4.7k followers on Twitter, 25.4k followers on Instagram, and 11k followers on Facebook.


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