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Yael Shelbia Cohen Profile

Yael Shelbia Cohen is an Israeli model and actress. She has appeared in several international modeling campaigns. She became a leading model for Israeli brands Castro in 2017 and Renuar in 2018 and currently stars in the Israeli television series Palmach on Teen Nick and Yes TV Kids.

Yael Shelbia Cohen Age

Cohen is 22 years old as of 2023, she was born on 31st August 2001 in Nahariya, Israel. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on 31st August every year.

Yael Shelbia Cohen Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Yael Shelbia Cohen Family

She uses her middle name Shelbia as her professional surname, which was inherited from her Djerbian great-grandmother’s Tunisian-Jewish family (of both Sephardi Jewish and Mizrahi Jewish descent). She began by uploading selfies she took by herself on Instagram shortly before her 16th birthday. As a result of finding her photos on her Instagram account. She later received an offer to take photos from the professional photographer Marina Moskowitz.

She has received additional media attention due to her Orthodox Jewish background, as she keeps Kosher and observes Shabbat, which initially had led to controversy in Shelbia’s Orthodox Jewish religious community; back in her native Israel. As of 2020, Shelbia has served as a soldier in the Israeli Air Force of the Israel Defense Forces, rather than serving in the Sherut Leumi as a civilian. The latter is what most religious Jewish girls in Israel opt to do

Yael Shelbia Cohen Dating

In 2019, she began dating American businessman Brandon Korff (son of Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Korff, and grandson of billionaire Sumner Redstone). In 2022, she began dating Israeli singer Omer Adam.

Yael Shelbia Cohen
Yael Shelbia Cohen

Yael Shelbia Cohen  Career

Her modeling led to controversy and opposition in her Ulpana school, which threatened to send a letter to the Israeli Education Ministry to expel her. Her family, however, had been supportive of her career, so long as it would not interfere with her religious studies. After consultation with Israel’s Education Ministry, she was allowed to continue her studies on the condition of following certain guidelines.

However, combining a modeling career with a religious lifestyle has led to difficulties, including in terms of modesty of clothing. During a modeling campaign in Milan, she had to live on crackers for four days. A

s she could not find kosher food. She says she had lost many modeling contracts back then, due to her keeping of the Sabbath and choices in clothing. The speed of the success of her career both in Europe and Israel has led to comparisons to fellow Israeli models Shlomit Malka, Dorit Revelis, and Sofia Mechetner. Additionally, In 2018, she modeled for Kim Kardashian’s brand KKW Beauty, where her photos were chosen by Kim Kardashian.

In 2019, Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner’s Biotic Skincare range. Also in 2019, she was cast for her debut acting role in a television series about the Israeli Palmach forces. It is a teen adventure period drama series set in 1946, two pivotal years before the State of Israel was founded. A seemingly innocent training farm secretly functions as a Strike Forces (also known as Palmach) training base and recruitment center for exceptional teens, as well as a home base for illegal Jewish immigration missions and special ops against the British Mandate. The show debuted in 2020, and Shelbia stars as Ruth Hirsch.

Yael Shelbia Cohen Net Worth

Cohen has an estimated annual net worth of $ 5 million to $ 10 million earned from her career as a Model and Actress.

Yael Shelbia Cohen Social Media Platforms

Cohen is very active on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She has 347 followers on Twitter, 1.4 Million followers on Instagram, and 31k followers on Facebook.

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